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Day 12: Our Sahur

July 21st 2013
Yes... WE FINALLY REACH THE LAST PHOTO CHALLENGE! It's our delicious food for early breakfast (sahur) !!!! On the first day of sahur, we ate instant noodle + soy bean milk. But, we didn't like the instant noodle + we only have limited choice for the taste. Most of their instant noodle mixed with pork :(
Then days after that, mostly we only eat bread or kind of onigiri and milk, bought from Seven Eleven. Thanks to Scott and Troy for choosing us the best bread every night :)) This probably not enough for the rest of the day, but hey, we nailed all the days of fasting we spent in Taiwan. Even in the day of amazing race :D
Oh by the way, I didn't eat the bag and fabric and the name cards. I just put it there because usually we ate the sahur at night, after any activity. Not in the early morning, because most of the time we couldn't wake up x) hahaha.
So the conclusion of this ST: UNDENIABLY AMAZING. I have to go back to Taiwan someday. Amin.

Oh, lastly I wan…

Day 11: Cutest Clothe Combination

July 20th 2013
I always love their dressing style, and today's just the cutest one! We took this photo on our amazing race day (July 8th 2013). Very tiring yet super fun! He's High and she's Moowarn, delegates from Thailand. They're on Table A, the same table with me!
Today's trip is also very exhausting. Felt like an amazing race as well. We started the day at 11 AM, to Yongkang Street. That day, I didn't have to do fasting because I had my period. Then Kati, me and Troy went directly to the Smoothie, for the shaved ice cream. Karen told me to bought the strawberry one and it feels like in heaven, soo delicious!! Too bad Cecilia couldn't join us because she had to accompany her grandmother that day.
After that, we went to Taipei Main Station and take a walk for quiet some time while waiting for Kissing. The station was soo crowded!! We took the train and bus to reach Jiufen Old Street. Such a nice place for eating combined with atmosphere of old street, cu…

Day 10: Tao Ming Se

July 19th 2013
It's so hard to find someone who's similar with Tao Ming Se in Taipei. Ah, you guys know who Tao Ming Se is right? He's Taiwanese famous actor who played the TV drama called "F4". If you guys hippie enough, then you would've known this guy! So, I decided to assume Cecilia's boyfriend as Tao Ming Se. His name is Ian. Hahaha. He's physically similar, I guess, maybe, uh huh.

Actually today, on the 10th day of my trip, July 20th, me and Cecilia and Kati went to the C.K.S Memorial Hall and Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall. And then we met Troy at Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall. He went to SYS Memorial Hall directly from his meeting. How sweet right! So, as an award for him, I would say that he has the same characteristic as Tao Ming Se. As in: annoying, cool, silly, funny, kind, patient, sleepy, hahaha. Such a best buddy! I guess he's also everyone's buddy. This picture below shows how I miss this little brother so much! Wish u all the very best…

Day 9: With Caretaker

July 18th 2013 Can't believe all of us should check out this morning. I was so sad when Karen said goodbye to me. I couldn't hold my tear :( Thanks to all OC, Staff, for organizing this cool ST!!!

Okay, my caretaker is Scott Li. I told you already from the very beginning. Actually today I forgot to take picture with him... He's so busy -_- And we seldom take photo together, because he prefer to be behind the cam instead of in front of the cam. But thankfully I got the photo of him. This was taken when he advised me on edible food to eat for moslem people (since food in Taiwan usually mixed with pork, having him as my caretaker is the best thing I could ever imagine!).

Let me tell about him a little bit. He's more than just a caretaker. He's like my brother. If I never asked his age, he would perfectly be my older brother. He's really concern about me and Kati's food, because we can't eat pork. He's also the one who always try his best to provide us …

Day 8: Partner in Crime

July 17th 2013
Today was such a tiring day. We did an amazing race around Taipei. We went to Confucius Temple, Xinbeitou, Yongkang Street, etc. I am so happy that I could still maintain my fasting at that time, although a lot of foods (+ ICE CREAM) were just soooo tempting!!!

At night we have the farewell party. Can't believe it's over!! Time flies like an arrow. GOSSSHHH! At the farewell party, we exchanged our gifts, and I am so happy that my partner in crime gave me a cute pict of me and her in our own cultural dress. So who is she?? Let me introduce her... *jeng jeng jeeng* so her name is Ning Hsu. Ning means 'calm' and 'quiet' in Chinese. But the reality? The contradiction.

She's really talkactive and has so mny crazy ideas HAHAHA. She performed the Banana and Potato song by minions in the welcoming party. She talked a lot and she has that kind of cheerful personality. One of the crazy thing we did is that we asked a Japanese tourist to take a picture …

Day 7: The Flower, Grass and Jumping

July 16th 2013
I don't really have today's mission photo. I failed on hunting on the flower and grassy part because Ilan (apparently) is not flowery place like I thought of how garden should looks like. Still it was very good. I bought many souvernirs, and the coolest thing, I sent postcard to my family. I hope it will be arrived soon before I arrived there on Monday. After Ilan, we went to the Kumquat Factory. The officer taught us about how to make the Kumquat in a simple way. It was really fun because there was a part where we  have to shake the Kumquat inside of the bottle and there was 'Gangnam Style' song, so we could shake it strongly (I guess) hahaha. We danced and shake the bottle crazily.
This pict above is in Pingsi. It is a place to fly a lantern. At the very least, there's grass inside of the pict, right :D In Pingsi, each table made their own wishes on the lantern and we fly it together. It was really cool and fun!! I never did that before. You guys s…

Day 6: The Best Break Fasting Food

July 15th 2013
Before I start, first of all, I want to give my highest salutation to the coordinator of academic of this ST, Yu Ting Kao. Because the legal visit we had today is really educative and also fun. We went to the investigation bureau, a bureau under the Ministry of Justice in Taiwan. I thought it will be a boring place, but apparently they have that cool gallery, which has a futuristic interior design!! By the way I feel like in a Iron Man's laboratorium, because the officer showed us a video through a screen, and he touch the screen with his bare hand and stretched out the screen through his own hand. SUPAA DUPA COOOL!! We got a big picture of drugs types and how dangerous drugs they are.

After that, we went to the Judicial Yuan. First we watched a movie about Judicial Yuan, then we went to the constitutional court, and then higher court. I found it interesting because it's a little bit different with Indonesia's court setting. Also the element's coat has m…

Day 5: The Cutest Child on The Street

July 14th 2013
Today the Table Discussion continued in Ju Fen Catholic University. After that there was a Table Rotation. Table Rotation is where we should present our discussion's result. The fun thing is that we presented it through a drama.. It's so interesting to watch other table's drama. They're all so funny and creative! :D

Yaaa.. Actually in the afternoon we almost forgot our mission... But no way! Our mission has to be accomplished! When we joined the Table B destination, to Tamsui, we met two kids on the street. Two cute little boys. Then  we asked our Chinese friend (the staff of the ST) to talk to their parents that we want to take photo. And, they were so scared as the little boy on the trolley were about to cry and the little-but-older boy also scream. HAHA DON'T CARE, sorry :") Yeah, we enjoyed Table B's destination a lot! And there's an incident too anyway. The boat when we were back from the Bali island were crashed or ran out petroleu…

Day 4: The Hotel and Venue

July 13th 2013
Ok so the hotel name is Taipei Hero Hotel (FAFA) I don't know what FAFA stands for (?). Haha. But the hotel is actually pretty convenient and comfortable. Me and Kati has already experienced three different types of room in this hotel, since we moved two times, from the double room to the triple room then to the luxury room haha I don't know why I name it that way, since the quality of this last room is a lot better than the two former rooms. It has flats TV, instead of the 'box' TV one on the first two rooms. Thanks Thomas for booked this room for us!
The venue for the academic activity is in the National Taiwan University. It was very great. I mean, the building seems not so modern, but the classrooms were soooo nice, and the facilities inside of the class also very shophisticated. We had an interesting discussion inside of that room. My friends at the table are High, Fern and Moowarn from Thailand, George from Malaysia, Karen from Hongkong.
I am prett…

Day 3: First Foreigner Who Greet Us

July 12th 2013
So, he's that first guy who said "hello" to us at that night. It was right after me and Kati went out from our room and he was at the floor lobby with another delegates from Thailand. Yes, he's Thai.

The photo taken in Welcoming Party. The dresscode was "National Flower", so I decided to wear Kebaya and Kati wear batik dress. At that night we sang Indonesia Raya and showing presentation about Indonesia through my Prezi (for the delegate introduction).

Oh, I forgot to tell you the name of this guy. He's Champ Kasempaibulsuk! We call him "CHAMP" :D


Day 2: The Transportation

July 11th 2013
Today we went to National Palace Museum of Taiwan and to Maongkok. It was fun and exhausting. The museum was so cool and more like a cinema in Indonesia. Very well developed and preserved. And Maongkok, it's a place up in the mountain, we went to the apex by the Gondola. It took about 80 NTD. It's so worth it. Later I will post some cool photos of the scenery. Taiwan's city light, combined with scenery of mountain and plus the SUNSET!

About the transportation, yeah we took MRT and bus to those two places. Anyway, as you can see in the picture, in Taiwan, the transportation vehicles are bus, MRT, scooter and car.
When we were in the bus, I told Troy (Makati's caretaker) and Scott (my caretaker -- like a Liasion Officer in Indonesia) about the situation in Indonesia (the bus can stop anywhere), specially in Jakarta. They said that Taiwan used to be like that too. But... in 1940 something.... It was a long time a go.... Taiwan has changed now, the bus stop …

Day 1: The Airport!

July 10th 2013
First step in Taiwan! YEHEEEY. We were picked by Dio (the guy with the black suit) and Troy (of course the one hold the white board with "ALSA ST"). Oh wait, before I continue, let me introduce another delegate from Indonesia, she's Makati. She's also from University of Indonesia, but she's from batch 2010.

The airport's building was very fascinating. I  mean, the architecture and decorations, etc. And, we found a cool water machine. Why is that so cool? Because the machine provided with glass, made of... Paper! Also, we can choose whether we want cool or hot water. We (me and Kati) are so excited to see the machine (haha mind our 'alayness'). But we couldn't hold that :P Ironically Troy asked us "Don't you have that in your country?" HAHA, WE WISH, TROY!


Surprise Post: Photo Challenge, Taiwan 2013


Okay so this seems confusing. So what kind of surprise I am going to offer right now? It's not so surprising, I guess. Hahaha. But right now, I am joining an event held by Asian Law Students' Association International, in TAIWAN! YEAAAY. Can I have a YEAY too from you guys? Cause I'm so excited. This event actually consist of study and trip that's why the name of the event is ALSA Taiwan Study Trip. What is that 'study' part? We will discuss about human rights and humanitarian law in a table discussion with students from ALSA National Chapter around Asia. As I remember I will have friends from ALSA Thailand, Hongkong, Germany (this guy is our friend from European Law Students' Association -- ELSA), etc. Beside that, we also have to present our culture in cultural night. And... Trip, of course you know laa what this is about :P
So what the picture above is about?
Before going to Taipei, I was thinking of something interesting to do, to make the…

Indonesian Youth Conference 2013

Yesterday I went to Indonesian Youth Conference 2013 in Wisma Nusantara, Annex Building. I attended the Politic session and the Law session. I just couldn't believe it's the fourth IYC already. I still remembered the first time I joined IYC in 2010, when Guinandra (my high school friend) being the speaker in the "Suara Pembaharuan" session and in 2011 I decided to take role as the volunteer in the photography division. In 2012 I couldn't join because I was still in Turkey. And tadaa it's 2013 already!

In the morning I attended IYC with Guinandra, in the Politic session. The speakers were Pak Budiman Sudjatmiko and Bang Yoga Dirga Cahya. I want to have the ability to do rethorical speech after that session haha politician. After that, too bad Guinandra got to do something at Coffee Institute for IndonMengglobal sharing session. So I accompanied him making presentation, at Sushi Tei! YEAY, I can't even remember the last time I ate sushi. Sushi Tei is the be…