Day 12: Our Sahur

July 21st 2013
Yes... WE FINALLY REACH THE LAST PHOTO CHALLENGE! It's our delicious food for early breakfast (sahur) !!!! On the first day of sahur, we ate instant noodle + soy bean milk. But, we didn't like the instant noodle + we only have limited choice for the taste. Most of their instant noodle mixed with pork :(

Then days after that, mostly we only eat bread or kind of onigiri and milk, bought from Seven Eleven. Thanks to Scott and Troy for choosing us the best bread every night :)) This probably not enough for the rest of the day, but hey, we nailed all the days of fasting we spent in Taiwan. Even in the day of amazing race :D

Oh by the way, I didn't eat the bag and fabric and the name cards. I just put it there because usually we ate the sahur at night, after any activity. Not in the early morning, because most of the time we couldn't wake up x) hahaha.

So the conclusion of this ST: UNDENIABLY AMAZING. I have to go back to Taiwan someday. Amin.

Oh, lastly I want to thank all the OCs, Caretaker, Table Coordinator, Staff, other delegate for the amazing memories in the ALSA Taiwan ST. I want to thank my local board for the help during the preparation, specially Pucil - staff of External Affaris (she's been really helpful and responsive answering my questions); to my national board, specially Anyun, Kak Nasyat, Kidy, Nesi, Bagus. Thank you very much for the opportunity!

EH, ALSO TO MAKATI WANDANSARI... Never thought I'd be able to have such great partner like you, sister! Thanks for being very patient & fun companion, roomie, partner in crime during the ST. It's so amazing that you could understand Chinese language and give response to our Taiwanese friends although only a little bit. It's also a bless to have you as my sahur and fasting partner, and looking-for-place-to-pray partner. I send you my highest apology if I unintentionally lose my temper when we prepared the Welcoming Party performance and the cultural night performance. The results paid off, right? Love you Kati! :)



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