Day 7: The Flower, Grass and Jumping

July 16th 2013
I don't really have today's mission photo. I failed on hunting on the flower and grassy part because Ilan (apparently) is not flowery place like I thought of how garden should looks like. Still it was very good. I bought many souvernirs, and the coolest thing, I sent postcard to my family. I hope it will be arrived soon before I arrived there on Monday. After Ilan, we went to the Kumquat Factory. The officer taught us about how to make the Kumquat in a simple way. It was really fun because there was a part where we  have to shake the Kumquat inside of the bottle and there was 'Gangnam Style' song, so we could shake it strongly (I guess) hahaha. We danced and shake the bottle crazily.
Thanks to Angela for taking this picture! :)
This pict above is in Pingsi. It is a place to fly a lantern. At the very least, there's grass inside of the pict, right :D In Pingsi, each table made their own wishes on the lantern and we fly it together. It was really cool and fun!! I never did that before. You guys should come to this place if you visit Taiwan. This place became famous because there's a movie took shoot there, titled "Those Years".



Anonymous said…
ini baguuus fotonya :D wah summer kali ini di Taiwan, Nad? senangnya :D

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