Day 6: The Best Break Fasting Food

July 15th 2013
Before I start, first of all, I want to give my highest salutation to the coordinator of academic of this ST, Yu Ting Kao. Because the legal visit we had today is really educative and also fun. We went to the investigation bureau, a bureau under the Ministry of Justice in Taiwan. I thought it will be a boring place, but apparently they have that cool gallery, which has a futuristic interior design!! By the way I feel like in a Iron Man's laboratorium, because the officer showed us a video through a screen, and he touch the screen with his bare hand and stretched out the screen through his own hand. SUPAA DUPA COOOL!! We got a big picture of drugs types and how dangerous drugs they are.

After that, we went to the Judicial Yuan. First we watched a movie about Judicial Yuan, then we went to the constitutional court, and then higher court. I found it interesting because it's a little bit different with Indonesia's court setting. Also the element's coat has more colors! The judge wears black and blue coat, clerk is in all black, prosecutor is in black and red, lawyer is in black and white, and one person I forgot how to call her, she's doing administrative thingy, she wears black and chocolate coat. Each element has a computer in front of them (on the table), to show them the writing of the clerk. Do you want to know how many words the clerk has to type in one minute? Around 110 - 120 Chinese words. They type it with their own technique. COOL ISN'T IT!

And then we walked to the hotel because apparently the hotel is just so close from Judicial Yuan. We prepared for the Cultural Night. It took 1 and half hour for me to get dressed because I use the Ngarojeng Clothes, special clothe from Betawi tribes. I gotta dance for the performance on the Cultural Night.

So the pict below is what we ate at the Cultural Night. We were in the same table with delegates from Malaysia an Hongkong. Me and Kati can say it's the best break fasting cuisine, I guess :P There are a lot of foods actually. But I can only take this picture. No worries, no pork!! I realized that Taiwanese people love to put orchid as their furnishing, so beautiful :D

All chicken, and beef :D



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