Day 4: The Hotel and Venue

At the hotel lobby, before going to the venue of table discussion! :D (Left to right: Scott, Makati, me and Troy)

In front of NTU College of Law

July 13th 2013
Ok so the hotel name is Taipei Hero Hotel (FAFA) I don't know what FAFA stands for (?). Haha. But the hotel is actually pretty convenient and comfortable. Me and Kati has already experienced three different types of room in this hotel, since we moved two times, from the double room to the triple room then to the luxury room haha I don't know why I name it that way, since the quality of this last room is a lot better than the two former rooms. It has flats TV, instead of the 'box' TV one on the first two rooms. Thanks Thomas for booked this room for us!

The venue for the academic activity is in the National Taiwan University. It was very great. I mean, the building seems not so modern, but the classrooms were soooo nice, and the facilities inside of the class also very shophisticated. We had an interesting discussion inside of that room. My friends at the table are High, Fern and Moowarn from Thailand, George from Malaysia, Karen from Hongkong.

I am pretty sad when it comes to comparing to my university building, because it's very different. When I asked Troy why the building and facilities can be so good, he said that it's because it's public university, so it has a lot of budget from the government. WOW, so different with the condition in my country. The private school even has a lot better quality (in the sense of class facility and building). I hope someday government would realize that one of the most important thing of education is its facilities.

About the discussion of human rights. It was pretty fun. In the beginning, we played "Give Me a Temple" game for the ice breaking. I won the game! Yeah. Haha for Indonesian, this game is more like "Konsentrasi" game. So, yeaaa if you're ALSA-ians I guess you would've known this. Our table, Table A, discussing about Basic Human Rights, Right to Education and Right to Living. We started the presentation from each country. The order is like this: Hongkong, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand. Basically, all countries hold firm its human rights enforcement. Yet, the practicalities are still being questioned. What I can caught from Hongkong's presentation is that the right to education has fulfilled very well, every person has its right to pursue the best education they could get. In Malaysia, there's a 'detention without trial' practice, which is pretty contentious in the area of human rights. In Thailand, the blind people still in need of more braile books at school, plus the Rohingya issue still risen up. Whlist in Taiwan, they have minimum standard of human rights and the Government should held liable for its violation. We fell into a very juicy discussion! :D



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