Day 9: With Caretaker

July 18th 2013
Can't believe all of us should check out this morning. I was so sad when Karen said goodbye to me. I couldn't hold my tear :( Thanks to all OC, Staff, for organizing this cool ST!!!

Okay, my caretaker is Scott Li. I told you already from the very beginning. Actually today I forgot to take picture with him... He's so busy -_- And we seldom take photo together, because he prefer to be behind the cam instead of in front of the cam. But thankfully I got the photo of him. This was taken when he advised me on edible food to eat for moslem people (since food in Taiwan usually mixed with pork, having him as my caretaker is the best thing I could ever imagine!).

Let me tell about him a little bit. He's more than just a caretaker. He's like my brother. If I never asked his age, he would perfectly be my older brother. He's really concern about me and Kati's food, because we can't eat pork. He's also the one who always try his best to provide us room for praying :") He reminded us about our break fasting time, tell us the direction to pray, etc. His English is good and I could have such long talk with him. Such a perfect translator :)

Although he's not an extrovert person, I know that he cares a lot about his delegates. Although he's younger than me, sometimes I feel like he's so mature and more well organized than me. He's kinda serious person, so that when he smiles, I feel sooo happy :D

Lastly, I just want to say thank you for everything Scott. You're the best caretaker! So grateful to have you as my caretaker! Hope to see you in Indonesia, then I'll be your caretaker hahaha. SERIOUSLY!

By the way I am so excited that today I will meet Cecilia, my Taiwanese girl I knew from AIESEC Camp last year. SOOOO EXCITEDDDDD!!



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