Day 8: Partner in Crime

July 17th 2013

Today was such a tiring day. We did an amazing race around Taipei. We went to Confucius Temple, Xinbeitou, Yongkang Street, etc. I am so happy that I could still maintain my fasting at that time, although a lot of foods (+ ICE CREAM) were just soooo tempting!!!

At night we have the farewell party. Can't believe it's over!! Time flies like an arrow. GOSSSHHH! At the farewell party, we exchanged our gifts, and I am so happy that my partner in crime gave me a cute pict of me and her in our own cultural dress. So who is she?? Let me introduce her... *jeng jeng jeeng* so her name is Ning Hsu. Ning means 'calm' and 'quiet' in Chinese. But the reality? The contradiction.

She's really talkactive and has so mny crazy ideas HAHAHA. She performed the Banana and Potato song by minions in the welcoming party. She talked a lot and she has that kind of cheerful personality. One of the crazy thing we did is that we asked a Japanese tourist to take a picture together in Pingsi. She's also very nice, she posted a photo of me holding Indonesian curry that sold in Seven Eleven, she put a caption that I gotta stop talking a lot because I will be very thirsty. OH ONE COOL THING, she can play guitar and sing! I hope to meet her again in the future!! :)

And second, Karen Uni, she's my best partner in the Table A group. She's so cute and I found a 'click' when we chat. She's the best companion when it comes to discussion and doing silly little things and gossip gossip :3 She's such a sweet person that she couldn't stop feel sorry when she was about to eat something delicious in front of me. When the evening started to come, she always ask whether I already can eat or not yet. She always ask whether I had enough eat at the break fasting or not

She never stops asking questions and started it with "can I ask you a question?" haha, and I miss her epic "he he he" sound, and her "what what what" and "ye ye ye ye ye". It's so KAREN UNI!

Realizing her cutie facial expression and body I sometimes worry about her self 'adventure' in England x_x but she nailed her first year already! Durham university bro and sist! How cool is that? Super cool! Well, the photo on the right was taken when we were at the Judicial Yuan (our legal visit). No, no, it's not my clothe, I wore the Prosecutor's coat provided on the higher court of Taiwan.

I just want to thank Karen for always being so nice and kinda 'trash bin' for my stories anywhere. I guess you were the one I looked for when I want to share ST stories and anything! Keep contact and can't wait to meet you in Hongkong or Indonesia, or another part of the world. Don't forget that we have a mission: eating Yongkang Street's shaved ice cream together. Pssst the strawberry one's the best!!

That's all for today's post. I met sooooo many amazing delegates from people all around Asian countries. Knowledge broadened!



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