Surprise Post: Photo Challenge, Taiwan 2013


Okay so this seems confusing. So what kind of surprise I am going to offer right now? It's not so surprising, I guess. Hahaha. But right now, I am joining an event held by Asian Law Students' Association International, in TAIWAN! YEAAAY. Can I have a YEAY too from you guys? Cause I'm so excited. This event actually consist of study and trip that's why the name of the event is ALSA Taiwan Study Trip. What is that 'study' part? We will discuss about human rights and humanitarian law in a table discussion with students from ALSA National Chapter around Asia. As I remember I will have friends from ALSA Thailand, Hongkong, Germany (this guy is our friend from European Law Students' Association -- ELSA), etc. Beside that, we also have to present our culture in cultural night. And... Trip, of course you know laa what this is about :P

So what the picture above is about?

Before going to Taipei, I was thinking of something interesting to do, to make the journey more fun and exciting, though I know the event would be spectacularly amazing. Then I decided that I want to do a photo challenge! YEAAAY. I recognized that "Photo Challenge" has been really wide-spread used in instagram. Are you one of them? Not to be mainstream, I am making my own list of photo challenge and post in on my blog :D

Please mind the writing on the pict. Yeah I know it is not so neat. I posted this to make it looks original (my real writing is neat!!) xD

I just arrived last night, going to have a walk today, and hunt photo for the challenge. Sooooo enjoy!



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