Day 1: The Airport!

Kati, Dio, Troy, and Me

July 10th 2013
First step in Taiwan! YEHEEEY. We were picked by Dio (the guy with the black suit) and Troy (of course the one hold the white board with "ALSA ST"). Oh wait, before I continue, let me introduce another delegate from Indonesia, she's Makati. She's also from University of Indonesia, but she's from batch 2010.

The airport's building was very fascinating. I  mean, the architecture and decorations, etc. And, we found a cool water machine. Why is that so cool? Because the machine provided with glass, made of... Paper! Also, we can choose whether we want cool or hot water. We (me and Kati) are so excited to see the machine (haha mind our 'alayness'). But we couldn't hold that :P Ironically Troy asked us "Don't you have that in your country?" HAHA, WE WISH, TROY!



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