Day 5: The Cutest Child on The Street

The two little boys looked very scared....
July 14th 2013
Today the Table Discussion continued in Ju Fen Catholic University. After that there was a Table Rotation. Table Rotation is where we should present our discussion's result. The fun thing is that we presented it through a drama.. It's so interesting to watch other table's drama. They're all so funny and creative! :D

Yaaa.. Actually in the afternoon we almost forgot our mission... But no way! Our mission has to be accomplished! When we joined the Table B destination, to Tamsui, we met two kids on the street. Two cute little boys. Then  we asked our Chinese friend (the staff of the ST) to talk to their parents that we want to take photo. And, they were so scared as the little boy on the trolley were about to cry and the little-but-older boy also scream. HAHA DON'T CARE, sorry :") Yeah, we enjoyed Table B's destination a lot! And there's an incident too anyway. The boat when we were back from the Bali island were crashed or ran out petroleum or something, so we have to go back to Bali island and change into another boat. Anyway don't get me wrong, Taiwan also has the region named Bali, it's not the Indonesian one, okay? Cause it's a lot different. Bye, ciayo!



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