Day 2: The Transportation

July 11th 2013
Today we went to National Palace Museum of Taiwan and to Maongkok. It was fun and exhausting. The museum was so cool and more like a cinema in Indonesia. Very well developed and preserved. And Maongkok, it's a place up in the mountain, we went to the apex by the Gondola. It took about 80 NTD. It's so worth it. Later I will post some cool photos of the scenery. Taiwan's city light, combined with scenery of mountain and plus the SUNSET!
Zhongzheng Road, Taipei.

About the transportation, yeah we took MRT and bus to those two places. Anyway, as you can see in the picture, in Taiwan, the transportation vehicles are bus, MRT, scooter and car.
When we were in the bus, I told Troy (Makati's caretaker) and Scott (my caretaker -- like a Liasion Officer in Indonesia) about the situation in Indonesia (the bus can stop anywhere), specially in Jakarta. They said that Taiwan used to be like that too. But... in 1940 something.... It was a long time a go.... Taiwan has changed now, the bus stop at the bus-stop and yes, we're still not changing!! OH GOD. I have a huge hope to my country that we can be like that too in the future, soon!! Amen to that.



keep sharing girl ! :D

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