Indonesian Youth Conference 2013

Yesterday I went to Indonesian Youth Conference 2013 in Wisma Nusantara, Annex Building. I attended the Politic session and the Law session. I just couldn't believe it's the fourth IYC already. I still remembered the first time I joined IYC in 2010, when Guinandra (my high school friend) being the speaker in the "Suara Pembaharuan" session and in 2011 I decided to take role as the volunteer in the photography division. In 2012 I couldn't join because I was still in Turkey. And tadaa it's 2013 already!

In the morning I attended IYC with Guinandra, in the Politic session. The speakers were Pak Budiman Sudjatmiko and Bang Yoga Dirga Cahya. I want to have the ability to do rethorical speech after that session haha politician. After that, too bad Guinandra got to do something at Coffee Institute for IndonMengglobal sharing session. So I accompanied him making presentation, at Sushi Tei! YEAY, I can't even remember the last time I ate sushi. Sushi Tei is the best Sushi (IMO). Then after that I met with Hilda, Luthfi and Ibam for the Law session. The speakers were Bapak Da'i Bachtiar and Bang Taufik Basari. Surprisingly, my senior was the moderator there! Haha he's so funny. Oh I almost forgot to tell you, the tagline for this year is "Saatnya Beraksi!"

Well then, enjoy the photos!



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