Day 11: Cutest Clothe Combination

July 20th 2013

I always love their dressing style, and today's just the cutest one! We took this photo on our amazing race day (July 8th 2013). Very tiring yet super fun! He's High and she's Moowarn, delegates from Thailand. They're on Table A, the same table with me!

Today's trip is also very exhausting. Felt like an amazing race as well. We started the day at 11 AM, to Yongkang Street. That day, I didn't have to do fasting because I had my period. Then Kati, me and Troy went directly to the Smoothie, for the shaved ice cream. Karen told me to bought the strawberry one and it feels like in heaven, soo delicious!! Too bad Cecilia couldn't join us because she had to accompany her grandmother that day.

After that, we went to Taipei Main Station and take a walk for quiet some time while waiting for Kissing. The station was soo crowded!! We took the train and bus to reach Jiufen Old Street. Such a nice place for eating combined with atmosphere of old street, cultural and cute stuffs from Taiwan. If you go to Taiwan and look for souvernirs with cheap price, then Jiufen is the answer. We ate taro ball cold soup in a restaurant, and we can see a beautiful scenery of from above. Very romantic!!

Then we went back to Taipei by bus. It took about 1 hour. We slept deeply on the bus until we arrived Taipei. We took a little walk to Taipei 101 and we met Lewis there. We went directly to the observatory room and we had to wait for about 20 mins on the line in order to go to the 89th floor. I'm wondering about the 101st floor actually... Hmm. About the observatory room, it was BEYOND AMAZING!! SOOOOO COOOL!! The officer will give you an audio phone (?) so you will be able to recognized the places around there from up above.

After that, we went to Shilin Night Market. Too bad, Kissing had to go home :( But Dio and Cecilia were joining us there :D If you want to do shopping, then this would be the best place. I REGRET not to come there earlier, and come there on my last day of stay instead. SO REGRETFUL. But, that's okay. Better to be late than never, right?? We ate a lot there, like A LOT! Cold Noodle was our dinner + the famous stinky tofu :D

After that we went back home to Cecilia's apartment by taxi. SOO EXHAUSTING, yet I can say that it was one of the best day in my summer :))



Wow! What a great journey! I really like your fashion style, Nadia! Seriously u have a good taste! ;)

Diaz Hadian
Nadski said…
@Diaz: Thank you so much Diaz, I love your blog! :D

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