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Pandatara 2009

As I told you, there are so many activities in my highschool, SMA TARUNA NUSANTARA. I'm so proud to be one of it. So, this is my last Pandatara in my school. What is Pandatara? It stands for Pa meran Se n i da n Budaya SMA Ta runa Nusanta ra . This event held once every two year. Luckily I have it double. Yeay. The first day, we wore the traditional costum. The first day; Meee! :) Hanny-me. me-Pinka me-monic-The white hanoman (he's my junior) me-chacha-hanny zaki-hanny-monic-me me-yohanes-hanny Sumatra Barat Stand Indonesia Timur Stand my dear boss, yanuar my brother, wayan. The second day; monic, vierna, edel, me! The last day; tria-nawa-tami-melly-me me-Semar (my junior), sister Sinden (my ex-senior) Yeah, boarding school is cool thing. Who said you can't show your fashion taste? Who said you can't have fun? Who said you can't develop your creativity? cheers, nadsy.


Hey, it's been 3 months from me not updating you my bloggie. Forgive me ;p Actually I'm not in my mood of blogging. I will tell you later about my exciting holiday at Jogja. OH WHY YOU'RE NOT AT JAKARTA?? Oh hell, calm down. I join a intensive study program at Neutron Yogyakarta . The class start from 07.00AM till 08.00PM . For God sake it's so tiring. But it's fun, because there are also some of my friends, around 48persons joined this program. Fortunately there was a break time. Twice only. And after the program done, usually we took a second dinner anywhere. Yesterday we spent it at Chakotik, "lesehan" place. Hmmm... Really really fun! There was a tragedy, instead. Okeeee guys, papaay. Cheers, Nadski.