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Joining Organization

Well I actually don't know what to write. I want to sleep. Oh wait but I want to write something. Okay let's start writing something. Oh finally I post something. Hey you haven't tell what you want to tell. Stupid. Things have been really tough lately. Too many things to tell actually. *hayah* Hey reader I'm trying to write something here. *come on stop trashing around nadski!* Okay ergh-hem *sounds weird for clearing throat effect*. Okay, first up, things are getting tough here in third semester. So many things to do, so little time I have. I'm having fun working in BEM magazine though. Making an article, combining article to be coherent, to be a good combination, to be accordance with the theme, making a layout, searching for sponsors, etc etc etc ETCCCCCCCCCC. Gosh I'm thrilled. Besides, I also join some events committee, in ALSA, LK2 and BEM. The thing is, it all encourages me to manage my time more effectively. One day someone come along and ask me: