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Don't know what to post. Just wanna share some photographs... Cause tomorrow I'm going to fly to Magelang, my school yeah. If you see some watermarks there, you can see them on my Deviant art account: xoxo, Nadskonchita.

Lebaran 2009

My holiday is tremendously fun and also romantic (cieee) haha. Someone gave me a drive to a restaurant. We ate there until the restaurant almost closed . But then the someone said "hey the purchaser is the king, honey" Well my dad didn't allowed me to get home late night. So we didn't go annywhere , but he drove me to another direction (he said 'i won't end this night too fast') ♥ The cousins were complete. I'm one of the oldest grandchildren. My oldest brother is (Osa) , he is a colleger in Jogja, and the second is my sister Annisa Puspasari (Nisa) , new colleger in UGM, and then Me, and then Asky Fitra Yona (Yona) , second grader of Dian Didaktika Senior High School Jakarta. Today we planned to go to Ambarukmo Plasa to have a walk and gudday. Actually we kinda interest to watch Phobia 2 yippeeeeeee :) Oh yeah almost forget, every lebaran, my family always made a uniform for the lebaran day. I mean, we (actually my mom) designed fou

Second reunion of DK

On Monday 14th September '09 I was invited to breaking fast/open fast (buka puasa?) event of my elementary school friend (SD Dharma Karya UT), but hmm we may call it as the second reunion maybe? haha. you may see this post for the first reunion ... It was really fun, I met the other friends that unfortunately cudn't join the reunion on Kemang. It was held on my friend's house in Pamulang estate (not really far from my house). I arrived there by motorcycle (Fyi, Adila--a girl with the veil--drove the motorcycle). Well guys, pictures tell everything... this is me with Esy (the house owner) the crazy mates (Jasmine, Me, Icha, Arin) the girls with Jakii Me, Mayang (best bud!) (Faneysa, Me, Arin, Adila) (Jasmine, Me, Fany, Erina) Heeeeeeeeey giiiirlllsssss <3<3<3 last but not least... all of the attendants :D SEE, WE'RE TREMENDOUSLY SOLID, DON'T WE? Most of them are third grader but some of us were colleger already... SLR Cam by: Esy Photographe

I Love Kiddooo

When I was at my childhood friend's house for breaking fasting, I felt really happy to know that.... There were some kids . sounds so simple. but I love chiiilddd, they're plain, they're naive, they're cuuuuteeee <3 There were three kids, one boy and two girls. But the girls were really shy to take a photo with. And the opposite, the boy were really have a good friend with the camera ;D His name is Zaki, but I called him Jakiiiiii" He's so cute right? I told Esy (the owner of the house) to bring him to the production house, he's really good on posing here and there ;p xoxo, Nadskonchita.


Last month Me : Hey guys, what are you playin' at? Them: Hey we're updating our twitter. Me : Helloooo???? Is that important, I still don't get the clue about the function of twitter!@$%#^* come on take a walk guys! This week Me : Hey guys, open my twitter account please... Follow mine at @nadskonchita Them: Helloooooo???? Who said that twitter is unimportant?? Me : Pardon me, he he he... So guys, follow mine at @nadskonchita ;D xoxo, nadskonchita.


On sunday, there was a special program for the third grader on my school. It called: "Pumping Student" it's pretty similar with ESQ, Terus, ada tes tentang cara belajar dan kepribadian gitu. And the result: I'm Sanguinis, can study with Internal Auditory system, and interest in social work. Padahal kan gue mau jadi dokter, pekerjaan yang bisa gue masukin tu katanya: business woman, public relation, broadcaster, dunia entertainment, master of ceremony, jurnalis, berhubungan dengan kecantikan dan kemewahan, diplomat, blablabla.... Hellooooo?? Mana dokternya? Yah, yang penting dokter sambil berbisnis juga bisa kan? haha. Like tompi with his album, like Lula Kamal with her ability on broadcasting, lalala etc.. ps: ada yang salam sama nyokap gue gitu :) ah lagi malas posting nih. liat ini aja deh reportnya langsung: click!

If Your School get Mocked?

What will you do if you're school get mocked by other student from another region??? I'm on that position right now. Well the beginning is when my friend that have another friend in Jakarta. Let's just say my friend's name is Popon and the friend of my friend's name is Lano . Popon have a lil' chat via facebook--wall to wall--and then they turn into an intens chat about the exam week. When Popon said that my chemistry's test was very hard, then he said: "Sekolah gue juga PG dan Essay dengan bahasa inggris semua. tapi selama kelas tiga gue her bisa dihitung pake jari kok. tn bukannya isinya cuman uang ya? Dimana-mana semua orang juga tau kalo sekolah terbaik ya SMA 8 Jakarta, atau nggak SMA 81 Jakarta atau SMA 78 deh, standar internasional" Kurang lebih gitu lah. Well, it's part of your right to have an opinion about a school. But it's just out of the ethics to mock another school, and oh helly stupid, he did it in FACEBOOK! the largest fr

Butterfly in Stomach

Struggle for love is not as easy as it sounds is not as easy as it's being mentioned, When you say the L word, you might be two: happy or contented You won't feel sad either frustated Am I right? If you're hurted by love, that means you're loving someone hardly, until you can't measure the depth of the love sea, until you can't count the love froth from the pounding sea... XOXO, Nadskonchita

The Potency, We All Have it in Our Own Way

Agree with the title? Ok if you're not, read this. Before you read, here's the rules: First, it's just my opinion then I let you decide to agree or not. Second, if you're agree wether not agree, just put a comment on my note. Third, it will be a bilingual note, sorry for my bad english, hehe. Have a go :) Everybody has their own potency and their own talent. So, don't let yourself down when you had a bad score in math or physic or another exact thingy. Eventhough you're not really good in that science lesson or maybe you ever felt damn-stupid when you're studying on it, don't stuck on it. Maybe that's just so not into you! (kayak judul film ya hhe) Actually, it's not about science things, but I've just felt this right now (curcol, haha). Well, why we have to concern on something that we can't find the soul in? Saya pernah membaca sebuah cerita: "Suatu hari, di sebuah sekolah hewan, ada seekor elang, kelinci dan semut. Mereka ber