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Another Priceless Moment

This is what I can give to you Mom and Dad. Sorry couldn't make it to the top three. Hope I can make you more proud later in another occasion :) I got a lot of experiences by joining the election of Mahasiswa Berprestasi. I got the honor to be supervised by Bang Brian Prastyo, a very great lecturer of Intellectual Property in my campus. I got the atmosphere of competition, I got the chance to know my strengths and weaknesses, and surely whole lot of other experiences I couldn't simply explain ;) NSA

Simple Happiness After Four Days of Hectic

These four days spent for Mahasiswa Berprestasi selection, and I'm totally exhausted, really. Although I only did two times of presentation, I need to be opponents to the presenter (the other finalist) every day. I presented my Indonesian presentation on Tuesday and today's Thursday, I just did my English presentation. I used power point to help me present the Indonesian version, and Prezi for the English version. I tried to recall how I ace the presentation, and I think I did my best already (insyaAllah). My paper that I presented titled " Utilization of Patent Law to Boost the Innovation and National Independence in the Automotive Sector ". Thank you very much, to all people that helped me finishing this Mapres thingy. This post dedicated to my mother, father, sister, Bang Brian Prasetyo my lecturer supervisor, best friends that came along on the presentation (specially Hilda that operated the Prezi, Anne and Ninda that took picture on the first day, Pingka and Ast

A Perpetual Self Realization

The only motivation to post something in this blog is simply for the sake of future me. I know future Nadia would curse me if I didn't post something regularly, because I know she will stalk my blog and find out what made her that way. I beg the pardon of my laziness to post something in the blog. Not even sure anyone read the post. Okay stop mumbling around. World has surprised me a lot these days. Do you guys remember about my project, "Seminar dan Musyawarah Nasional XX ALSA Indonesia"? It has finished on March 14th 2013. I know it's already April and it's so late to share about the event. But all I gotta say is: I LEARNED MANY THINGS. I learned a lot from the process, from the committee. It was totally priceless. And I was so proud of the committee, that we could finally held the event in Putri Duyung cottage, Ancol, Jakarta Utara. As the Project Officer, I would like to say thank you very much to all the participants, the committees, the lecturers, the s