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Kampanye Kartini

Di sekolah gue, ada yang namanya acara KARTINIAN, seluruh siswa diharuskan memakai baju daerah (untuk cewek biasanya kebaya, cowoknya menyesuaikan). Tiap kelas mengirimkan sepasang perwakilan (cewek-cowok) kita memanggil perwakilan cewek dengan Kartini dan cowok, Kartono . Unfortunately, gue terpilih jadi Kartini. Why unfortunately ?? Karena, gue harus menjalani serangkaian tes-tes, mulai dari Tes Bakat, Tes Wawasan (tertulis), ada juga Kampanye Kartini-Kartono di RKB (Ruang Komunikasi Bersama), latihan Prosesi, Masuk Panggung dengan Tarian-Tarian. Huhh, dan gue melakukan itu semua dengan pasangan Kartono gue yang sangat dodol: Sigit Suryo Nugroho! Beuh, ngeselin banget dah tu orang. Tapi kemaren, Rabu tanggal 15 April 2009, pas makan malam di RKB, dia mau berkampanye dengan gila! Gimana nggak?? Jadi gini: Nadia : "Izin memperkenalkan diri, nama siswa Nadia Sekarsari Anindyati asal kelas XI-IA 5, sebagai calon Kartini." Sigit : "Izin memperkenalkan diri, nama siswa

Jeng kelin

This morning I remembered that my friend (Andreas) ever told me about Jeng Kellin. For once I heard that name, I felt confused. Andreas : "Eh gue bisa acting kayak Jeng Kellin loh!" Me : "What? How you spell it? Jengkolin? Jengkol what?" Andreas : "Bukan Jengkolin, Jeng-Kelliin!!" Me : first thought --> "Makanan apaan tuh?" Well, I approve that I'm not gaul enough. Then, I search on google browser, I type it: "J-e-n-g-k-e-l-i-n" Tadaaa.... Oh, how cute! It looks like japanese doll, (look on her love-shaped lips) And then, I looked for the 'real human' behind Jengkelin, how surprised to found that Tadaaa.... it's her, Nycta Gina Yeah, felt surprise. So different , right? Salute to you Nyc!


According to my post before, I've just made a Polyvore account! Check it now!

Fashion craving

Suddenly, those stuffs flying in my heads, and I decide to search it on the polyvore.. what do you think?


When I was browsing on the, I opened the entertainment page. I found this with Vierna : Do you realize??? How can?? Nama Dian Sastrowardoyo aja ternyata sulit buat ditulis ya?? Atau saking hectic-nya crew Kompas? Well, human error can happen anytime, anywhere, anyone ..

Latent Nuisances of Computer

Do you ever realize that the addiction effect of pc monitor has a big impact of your life? As I read on, too much eye-intention to the pc monitor would make you get CTS or CVS (not CTV, hehe) CTS is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, a nuisance that attack your carpal. The central nerve of your carpal makes you feel pain and easily become tired. This syndrome will not happen on the exact time, it will be acumulated on the next-next-next year. the other danger nuisance attacks one of the five senses, CVS , Computer Vision Syndrome. This syndrome attacks your eyes. How? The characteristics are, - Myopia (hardly see far objects after playing computer in a long time) - Tired eyes - Blurred eyesight - Iritation, and - Headache they were usually happens after playing computer all day long.. The solution, we can put any activity between hours and hours of playing computer. Take a walk, see the greeny panorama, take a breath, the

Current feeling..

I know the latest post wasn't important at all. But hey, I want to share my current feeling right now. It's not the taggy-thingy. What do you feels right now? I miss somebody, someone. Who? My family, consist of daddy, mommy and older sist. (entah yang di gambar tu tuyul darimana) Apa yang lo kangenin dari kakak lo? cerewetnya minta ditampol. Terus, maunya ngapain sama dia sekarang? cerita-cerita dong....... hikz :_(

Think thousand times

For my dearest bud, While the other is walking with their half , I just can't I just won't Think about the future, yes, What about the pain you suffered, from being sooo far away with your family? What about the gold moments that you can't spend with them? What about your teenage life that you can't spend freely? Is it all what they want? To be a rebel kid? It's kinda trash to spill away all of hopes that your parents made, so fvckin foolish to broke the rules that you have to obeyed, Think, think, think, not twice, thousand times. Hope you can recognized. Sincerely yours.

Blushing gaby

You know what? Now, I'm in computer lab, with Vierna (as usual) and with Gaby (not usual!) hehe, we want to discuss about Kartini film. Uh unfortunately time is running :( ciaou!