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Karaoke - A&W - Steak

Okeeeey guys, I had promised ya'll about the karaoke, A&W and eating steak picts. First, the karaoke took place at Inul Vizta POINS SQUARE *it was fun yet exciting* Second, we just drink lemon tea at A&W but I don't know the chat and the laugh took a long time :D Third, Mayang paid all the steak bills aaahh you're the best dehh hihi. What a coincidence, we all wear skirt! *except mayang* We should be 6, but the other two can't come. Indi was sick and Putri have a meeting. Hmm no problemo.. So here we goooooeeesss: so sorry for the pose *hehe peace inul* I wore Wonder Woman printed - Everlast distro, Suspender - Band's Property, Pinky Highwaist - Sister's, Sandals - Ananas Left to right: Mayang, Me!, Dini, Afi inside the room :) hey mayang! and then we move to... AW and then we fly to: obonk steak we're so ready to beat'em! I miss you junior high school friends.. Ahh I hope we can be complete :( the photos are from Afi '

Five Reasons of The Survival

I ever thought about myself once, then all blurt into a confusion. Why? It's just like, "OH HELL HELP ME OUTTA FROM THIS JAIL!" I decided to get in to a famous boarding school, Taruna Nusantara Senior High School that located in a small city called Magelang, Central Java. With soo many tight rules, with soo different situations (FYI I have to wash clothes myself, ironing them, fold them and put them into the cupboard myself). I can't go out in the night (even on weekend), and I can't go anywhere except I want to make a permission letter that have to be signatured by the headmaster. so the big question is "HOW CAN I SURVIVE??" Because there are some reasons of the survival: 1. MY ROOMATES The name of my room is BANGSAT *waitt!!* it stands for BANG sal (the other word of "room" in Indonesia) emp AT ("four" in Indonesia) They come from many different regions. Intan comes from Cirebon, Silvania comes from Solo, Putri comes from Jay

From Dream into Real

Yeah, finally I'm in a holiday. I've already spent four days out of 21 days here, in my real hometown: Jakarta. After a long time, caved in a jail named school. Booyah, I'm lovin it dude. I met my highschool friends. They're all changing, well not literally changing. Dini still with her long hair, while Afi let her hair get even longer and longer. Mayang let her hair loooonggg and wavy. And conclusion? I looked damn bald, haha well I'm not bald actually, but BOB so 80's ya'll know. We spent a perfect day in Inul Vizta karaoke and eating steak, I choosed tenderloin pepper steak. hmmm nyummi. So I'll share you the pict later. Now, I'm on my cousin's house. And freakin interest to taste sour sally, kinda iced yoghurt. nyumm. Ciao!

Current current current

So what's my current... mood: tired activities: band rehearsal (this night was delayed -_-) hobby: singing condition: lil' bit sick, light flu I guess people I miss: him, Nisa, Yona (my sist and cousin) things I want: one of Leddum Tralala necklace stuffs I'm craving on: shoes movie I want to watch: Garuda di Dadaku, Queen Bee (yeah call me late), Angels and Demonds, Night at the Museum blog I read on: my junior at Labsky JHS yeaaaaaaahhhhh, I need holidaayyyooooo!!! I'm stuck at Magelang while my JHS friends are having fun in Jakartaaaa *how pathetic* but this is my best decision (to live here in Magelang) because I need to hijrah! :) bye, nads

Google Logo

This comes from the name of "iseng-iseng". My friend, Gabryella told me about this link, and I found these pictures: They are google icons on some special event... The regular google icon is: And it'll be modified when there's any special occasion held.. cute pink, on mother's day blue dragon, on dragon boat festival port of yokohama radio day shandy morse's birthday unique tetris! earth day surprisingly, it's on kartini day! I like the kartini one, she's woman's hero in Indonesia... which one do you like most? cheers, Nads.

Leddum Tralala

What happen with my blog title? This afternoon I opened my facebook and found 40 friend requests. They are my friends, my collegas and as usual STRANGERS.. But then, I found a name: Leddum Tralala, 68 mutual friends, pretty much. I decided to open the link and found that it is my cousin! I never know that I have a cousin named Leddum Tralala and then I confirmed it. Ohh, it is her (my sister, daughter of my 'bude') online store! Well I'm proud of you sist! She's now in Padjadjaran University, I dont know which faculty she is. Here's the pict: There were clothes, bags and necklaces. But I lyk the necklace most. They are soooo cuteee riiiittteeeee?? I asked her to teach me, sure it will be fun, yeaaay :) They were cute right? If you're interested, click it: Leddum Tralala enjoy it, Nads.

Holiday Plans

Hey blogger! I've no idea to write about. So let's talk about what holiday plans I've got lately. 1. Driving course 2. Junior high school friends gathering!!!! 3. Elementary school friends gathering 4. Swimming, jogging 5. Art and design course (maybe) those are the the first week holiday, the part one holiday (the days that I would spend without my daddy and mommy, bcos daddy have a duty in Sweden then my mommy kinda "JB" with daddy -huff) 5. Hongkingkong triiiiipssyy :D Any suggestions? Tell me later, ciao!

Tuesday Morning

Hey! I'm too lazy to tell the mono-tone routinities here. Start with breakfast, go to the row-call field, go back dorm to do packing stuffs. Hufffh, can somebody help meee to kill the boredooommm?? Ok fine, let me tell you about the one-day-experience I spent with my sist on Sunday. She was looking for the perfect 'kos' to live in when she study at UGM. She's Nisa my lovely sist: We wore similar but not same tees. I wore the orange strips and the blue-turqoa for her. Can't wait for the real howlidaaay! :)

Jogja, June 13th 2009

Now I'm with mum dad and sist. They were sleep already. I'm going to wake up at 08.00 am tomorrow morning. Usually I wake up at 04.30 am in the morning, so I can wash up my dirty clothes and it will dry on the afternoon. But now, the dirty clothes were thrown on the laundry stall. Hehe :) So tomorrow, I'm going to accompany my sister, haunting the kost for her. Hope it would be fun! Oh yeah, the new update! My new preparation TO EFL score showed a progress.. more less above five hundred, hope it would be better later.. (just lyk vierna said) And now, I decided to play with web-cammy, inside the hotel room : Bye friends, adios.