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So my Semunas XX ALSA team and I busy collecting money for ALSA next national event named Seminar dan Musyawarah Nasional XX ALSA Indonesia (SEMUNAS XX ALSA INDONESIA).  Before I continue, do you guys know what ALSA is? It's Asian Law Students' Association. We have local chapters that consist of thirteen local chapters from reputable public universities and national chapters that also consist of 13 countries all over the ASIA! Are you curious about the event? So this event consists of three main events: National Seminar about Otoritas Jasa Keuangan, National Assembly (discussing about our organizational matters and electing ALSA National Board's President) then the last will be City Tour. Last year it was held by Gadjah Mada University. It was so amazing and gave me unforgettable experiences. Also at that time ALSA Local Chapter Universitas Indonesia got an assuredness from the other local chapters to host this SEMUNAS XX ALSA Indonesia next year in 2013. As o

Catching Up A Bit!

Dear reader sorry for disappearing about two months. I don't mean to stop writing. Just have some quality time with my family. Anyway Happy Eid Mubarak all! Let me say my apologize though it's so late I know :P I actually have to sleep now but also I have many things in my mind to share. I don't know where I should start.. Hmm maybe I will just write. 1. I just got back from Turkey. Not just got back, because it was on 10th of August. It was 14 hours in the air (not calculating the transferring time). It was such a life-changing experience. NOT EXAGGERATING. It was such a very good country, rich with its history and nice people. I was staying in Kocaeli, a (should be) small and boring city, but my heart left there. People were very nice and many sweet memories happened. I will tell you later the detailed story. It was an unforgettable time in AIESEC Summer Exchange Program. There were 12 exchange participants from different side of the planets and 8 organizing committee