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ALSA Ecomp 2012: News Casting Competition!

So, last weekend (Saturday and Sunday) dedicated to ALSA English Competition 2012. What's that? It's a national english competition held by Asian Law Students' Association Local Chapter Universitas Indonesia, from 26th April 2012 - 1st May 2012. There are may branches in this competition, for high school and varsity students; such as spelling bee, battle of brain, paper presentation, news casting, speech, debate and model united nation for the high school students. It is followed by almost 100 schools from all over Indonesia. In this event, I got a chance to be the person in charge of news casting competition . Too bad I forgot to captured the competition itself from the participants, because my camera being used as the props of the competition :P Those two days were so hectic. I had only one vice PIC and 5 staffs at that time! They're Sheila as my vice and then the staffs Fira, Nena, Ghea, Tiwi and Kiki from batch 2011. Though it's just the six of us, I

See it With The Other Eyes

When you stressed out because of a huge problem, when you feel like no one believes you, when you think no one understands you , when something really terrible hits your day, when you feel like you're on the lowest point of life , when you think you can't solve an obstacle in front of your eyes, when you sure you can't do anything except whining, when you choose rather disappear than exist in this life, and even when you face a hurtful reality, ... you (still) can use the other eyes of yours. Eyes that can see from the other side. Eyes that can see anything your normal eyes can't. It is located, inside your heart. Be tough! xoxo, NSA

My Very First AIESEC Local Conference

Answering one of the "Nadia's list of unanswered questions". So as you can see on the title, this post will tell you about my first local conference of AIESEC organization. I'm going to post it on English, so before I'm posting it furthermore, please pardon my bad grammar structure/vocabularies chosen here (he he thanks for understanding :P). And about the first sentence, you can figure out here in this post! Oh yeah this is going to be a long post and unfortunately I  forgot to bring my camera so it'll be no picture here :( So let's start! I had my first local conference in 21st-22nd of April. I was so excited a week before this conference held because I thought I'll have my best friends in college too there to accompany. But then a day before, they decided not to come because they have another business out there. I was confuse whether to come or not to come to this AIESEC local conference. And then after such long contemplation


Sebenarnya kalau mau lebih peka dan memperhatikan lingkungan sekitar. Ada banyak hal yang bisa dipertanyakan. Dari pertanyaan sederhana semacam "Kenapa ibu saya mudah sekali marah?" kemudian se-retoris "Kenapa wakil rakyat tidak membela kepentingan rakyat?" yang pada akhirnya hanya bisa membuat kita menyunggingkan senyum miris. Bahkan juga pada pertanyaan yang pada akhirnya hanya akan terjawab dengan jawaban "Ya emang gitu kali". Padahal ketika kita menilik kembali asal-usul ditemukannya alat-alat baik elektronik maupun hal apapun disekitar kita, semuanya berawal dari rasa penasaran dan rasa kritis para penemunya. Seperti Newton yang melihat apel yang jatuh. Apa yang spesial dengan apel yang jatuh dari atas pohon?  Kemudian bahkan saat Columbus memutuskan untuk berlayar dan kemudian menemukan Benua Amerika. Semua orang pada saat itu mengatakan, "Semua orang juga bisa kalau hanya menemukan benua seperti itu saja!". Kemudian saat Columbu

Recent Updates

Hey guys it's a long weekend. How's your weekend going? Mine was pretty good. I'm trying to keeping up with my closest family such as my grandma, my cousin etc. Because mom & dad left me to Jogja. Dad made himself followed a meeting there and Mom followed him + visit my sister there. Beside, it's so hard to meet grandma & cousins when it's just a regular campus time, so I decided to catch 'em up. Beberapa hari ini mood lagi fluktuatif banget. Super gampang bete. Ada aja hal-hal kecil yang ngebebanin pikiran banget sampe kayak mikirin skripsi (setdah uts semester 4 aja belum selesai coy). Tapi beberapa hari ke belakang ini juga dipertemukan sama hal-hal yang bikin gue semakin bersyukur sama hidup gue. Benar-benar tough week . Weeks to PMS itu memang selalu tough . Ya girls, you know that lah ya. Buat hal-hal yang bikin bete, gak perlu sih ya di share. We all have that. Kadang ngerasa bersalah juga kalo whining terus ke orang. It's like , hellooo