Living in Fairy Tale

Sunset in Aydin, Turkey, July 2012.
Yesterday feels like a dream. I don't want to wake up, but I should. That table of desert, that opened up talk we never had, that fusion of scents, that protection, that care. OH, and everything vanished as my eyes opened. Time goes on, days passed by, everything will be different, I know. Still, thank you God. My dream came true. The real dream won't happen. Thanks for treating me like how a princess want to be treated. We have that high wall I don't want to climb, and (maybe) you don't want to climb too. Still, Thank you, you. Hope to meet you in another dream :)



Oh my god! Turkey.... a place that I wanted to visit since the first. I really liked it. Please share your story when you are in Turkey <3
Nadski said…
@Nadia Dwifortuna: Okay, will do. I will post some of my stories in Turkey :)

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