Pray for Turkey

Izmit, Kocaeli, Turkey. June, 2013.
I fell in love with Turkey from the very first step of mine in Istanbul. The city fascinates me at that time and I just love all things about Turkey right away. So to hear the news today, about a widespread protests around 30 provinces (including Kocaeli!--the province where I was stayed for almost 2 months on a volunteering project) in Turkey, made me really really sad. My one million dollars question was "how this first emerged?" Apparently It was because of a demolition of a park in Istanbul that people against of. At first they just want to defend the nature. They want the government not continue the substitution of the park with the new shopping mall. At that demonstration, Police attacked the protesters with gas, and guns. An unbalance 'war'. So then people started to against the government too, they're all devastated by the Prime Minister's authority. Another thing, the TV channels were banned to publish about the demonstrations around the country. Knowing the news was such a bad thing to start the day. I could only wish the best for Turkey. Hope the situation will settle down sooner than soon. Amen.



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