Hanamasa dan Soekma Djaja

Today seems very special and worth a post. This morning I went to Hanamasa, Pondok Indah Mall 1 to attend Gathering BEM FHUI 2011. The special thing, I finally wore my ombre pink dress from my sister! I've been looking for suitable event to wear the dress, yet I don't find any! So I feel so happy to finally wear the dress. I am not that kind of person who wear dress to campus, yet I actually love to wear dress/skirt, etc. I feel sooo happy to finally meet brothers and sisters in BPH BEM FH UI 2011. Mostly they're older than me because I joined BEM on my first year of college.  I feel very lucky to know them and to work with them, a lot of experiences and knowledge I got from them.

After that, I met my bestie, Hilda Leswara. We had that time of idolizing our senior. We made a fan base for him. We were so embarrassing actually. We gave him chocolate in Vals day. Oh well, he's in Hanmasa and made her didn't want to enter Hanamasa :P HAHA. Silly us. Well that's true. Okay, then we separated. She's going to watch movie and I'm going to watch theater at GKJ (famous art performance building). I watched a theater performance by Abang None Jakarta, titled Soekma Djaja.

Soekma Djaja
It is a story about Soekma Djaja family that very concern about Gambang Kromong, a traditional musical instrument originated from Betawi. They're just an ordinary & economically-low family that lived in the middle of the country. Soekma Djaja made this Gambang Kromong as his source of financial need, but as he gets old, he trusted it to his youngest child (as the oldest doesn't want to continue and chose to get to campus isntead). But suddenly the youngest brother died because of a riot happened between high school students. The family felt like it's the end of the world, they can't do anything because Yadi (the youngest child) died and Jay couldn't continue, and Dad Soekma Djaja was old. Then finally Jay's friend decided to help Jay doing on a project Yadi's was running on. Jay said, he is doing it for his brother. So sweet :)
With Hilda :)
Keluarga BPH BEM FHUI 2011 :)
Accidentally met Alma, my junior in FHUI
Photo Booth corner!
Well, I am very happy that there are adolescent that make themselves busy just for the theater. IT's actually a phase of learning. And, also this kind of theater makes me realize that we have such a broad diversity of culture and each of them is unique in their own way. We really should preserve them. I will tell you later about my review towards the theater! I met my FKG beautiful friends, such as Zahara, Eva, Lili and Kak Vid. OH I NEED to sleep now! Taking photos in photobooth is always fun!



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