God's Timing

Dear diary,

Let me today share something about God's timing. Why should we wandering about this? Today I got a story of my sister and what I can say is that "God has the best timing". Do you ever feel like God's so unfair that you can't have anything you want yet the next day you feel like God's very kind that your life seems very complete? It's because God send you help at the right time.

So here comes the story.

Last month, my sister was so happy that her two chapters of her thesis had no complaint from her lecturer advisor. Then when she was rushing to campus to look for her advisor for the next chapters. Her lecturer is so busy and she gotta be quick to reach campus. Guess what, on her way to campus, she had a car accident! But fortunately she's okay but the other car being hit by her was wrecked. What a pity! When she reached campus, her lecturer said she had to change the whole structure of her thesis! Her life seems very messed up right? But she didn't surrender. She tried her best not to whine around and start writing again. And today, I just knew that her thesis finally accepted by her lecturer!

God has the best timing to give you help after the sorrow.
God has the best timing to make you smile after the teardrops.
God has the best timing to show you grace after sending you disaster.

But you can actually set the timing. How?

When you don't stop learning.
When you don't stop chasing.
When you don't stop asking him His help while trying, cause He's the one that always listening.

Best of luck,


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