Simple Happiness After Four Days of Hectic

These four days spent for Mahasiswa Berprestasi selection, and I'm totally exhausted, really. Although I only did two times of presentation, I need to be opponents to the presenter (the other finalist) every day. I presented my Indonesian presentation on Tuesday and today's Thursday, I just did my English presentation. I used power point to help me present the Indonesian version, and Prezi for the English version. I tried to recall how I ace the presentation, and I think I did my best already (insyaAllah). My paper that I presented titled "Utilization of Patent Law to Boost the Innovation and National Independence in the Automotive Sector". Thank you very much, to all people that helped me finishing this Mapres thingy. This post dedicated to my mother, father, sister, Bang Brian Prasetyo my lecturer supervisor, best friends that came along on the presentation (specially Hilda that operated the Prezi, Anne and Ninda that took picture on the first day, Pingka and Astrie that took photo on the second day) and everyone that supported before the presentation began. I AM MORE THAN HAPPY that I FINALLY FINISH THIS! Hope for the best result on April 17th 2013. Bismillah... I feel not really confident towards the result,  cause all of the competitors were really good on delivering their idea on the presentation. But well, sometimes unexpected things come surprisingly. Oh well, hopefully. Anyway, I will show you some picts of me and Hilda after my presentation in SnT. The feel of relieved couldn't be expressed either in writing or verbally. I love today!

Don't judge, beauty comes from the heart :))
Love struck ^^
Teasing Luthfi that was waiting on his turn to present his presentation :P
Anyway I'm doing a diet program. Haha although it seems more like a disclosure rather than a reality but well at least I have the willing and the intention. Anyway, what do you think about my hair? It's long yeaaay :D finally! After for such a long waiting, it's finally long!! The very first time of having long hair after having three years of fully-having Dora style of hair :) Anyway the long hair somehow needed to be cut I think, cause it's not so healthy on the hair tip. Hilda is now comfo with her medium short hair, also Astrie. BUT sorry guys I won't join the hip because my own hip is long hair ryt noooowww hahaha what an important posting it is! WHATEVER, I feel like I should write a post about today's legendary day. I need to go now. Anyway, which country you support for the World Cup in Brazil later? Share it to me! :D CIAO!



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