A Perpetual Self Realization

The only motivation to post something in this blog is simply for the sake of future me. I know future Nadia would curse me if I didn't post something regularly, because I know she will stalk my blog and find out what made her that way. I beg the pardon of my laziness to post something in the blog. Not even sure anyone read the post. Okay stop mumbling around.

World has surprised me a lot these days. Do you guys remember about my project, "Seminar dan Musyawarah Nasional XX ALSA Indonesia"? It has finished on March 14th 2013. I know it's already April and it's so late to share about the event. But all I gotta say is: I LEARNED MANY THINGS. I learned a lot from the process, from the committee. It was totally priceless. And I was so proud of the committee, that we could finally held the event in Putri Duyung cottage, Ancol, Jakarta Utara. As the Project Officer, I would like to say thank you very much to all the participants, the committees, the lecturers, the speakers for the Seminar, my parents, my sister and everyone that helped the event (very sorry can't mention all of them). I couldn't even imagine it's finally finished. Because of SEMUNAS XX ALSA INDONESIA I won some writing competitions. Yes, it was really because of SEMUNAS. I decided to join writing competition with the spirit of gaining money from the prize if I win the competition, and then gave the money to fundraising division of SEMUNAS. It was the first three months of SEMUNAS's fundraising. Thank you SEMUNAS for forced me to write!! :)

For quite some months before the project, I wanted to be the National Board of ALSA. I gotta admit it. But for some reasons, I finally decided not to apply. Many friends asked about that sudden decision. And I'm not even sure of the decision. It was simply because of so many considerations and accumulated in a decision. Sometimes it's hard to converse a complicated thought to a formula called words. Didn't you pass that stage? But all you have to know, that doesn't mean the amount of love to ALSA has vanished. I will always love ALSA as this organization gave so much lessons of life to me. A very priceless one. I promised Topan, the new elected Vice President on Internal to contribute something in writing and will give my advices to the board and to criticize the board if something happens not as it was planned. I'm still a proud Alsaians!

The other surprise was that I was chosen to be one of the "Mahasiswa Berprestasi 2013". It was truly an honor to me. I couldn't imagine! I was so very lucky! Next week I'm going to present a paper I already made two weeks before. Curios about what's my paper titled? Well, it's a secret, gonna share it to you after the presentation presented! I'm so damn nervous!

I know I'm such a foolish for finally understand this, after such a long long time. I realize, as time goes by, real friends will stick with you whatever happens, but... always try to treat them the best. Real friends stick by, but even you yourself want to be treated good right? So don't dissipate them. I know now that we don't really need many friends, all we need is less friend but real. The one that wouldn't talk about you behind, the one that will always support you no matter what, the one you're always comfortable to talk about anything, even the embarrassing one. A very unforgettable day of evaluation day would always be reminded in my mind, and I will never take it hard. That quote "Every people came to our life to teach us something" is no longer just a myth for me. It's totally true, and I would keep that in mind. The taught itself is very priceless although not all of them are good at heart, yes, it was hurtful.

Me and Mom at Karma Kandara, Bali
Events that occured lately has given me some kind of depiction, that life is cruel. The real life wouldn't be as easy as it seems, so cherish every single time although time forces you to act like a real adult. As long as it's never too late to be realized! And life at home seems more and more wonderful. Me and mum successfully made some better cooperations at home. We have an utterly better conversation, communication and of course that leads to a less arguing. I'm so proud of my new self. Sometimes we need to be reminded by nature, if we couldn't be reminded by people. And I am so grateful to have a very patient and composed mom like my own mom. Though somehow she's like an exploding time machine (she's patient for such a long time but then BADAAAM, she explodes!!!!!). I realized the importance of keeping up good relations with family. I regret my behavior, and being so stubborn these recent months towards mom. It such a shame: the fact that mom always be there for me nonetheless I hurt her very often :"( Now I realize every pray from her is a blessing.. In the end, she's the one who'll hear my stories, the one who'll pat my shoulder and says "Everything's gonna be alright". Every time I thought that she's selfish, I would rather stay away from her a little while, then say sorry to her. It's better than to argue and argue all the time.

Another news, my laptop crashed :( okay no one cares. I type in my dad's laptop now. Anyway I want to go abroad again somehow... My journey to Turkey last summer was such a blessing. I just made a video for my Turkish family and participants of the camp in Turkey, take a look at my Facebook! I don't know what to do for the next summer... Hmm wish me luck! Looking forward to hear news from you guys!



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