Catching Up A Bit!

Dear reader sorry for disappearing about two months. I don't mean to stop writing. Just have some quality time with my family. Anyway Happy Eid Mubarak all! Let me say my apologize though it's so late I know :P

I actually have to sleep now but also I have many things in my mind to share. I don't know where I should start.. Hmm maybe I will just write.

1. I just got back from Turkey. Not just got back, because it was on 10th of August. It was 14 hours in the air (not calculating the transferring time). It was such a life-changing experience. NOT EXAGGERATING. It was such a very good country, rich with its history and nice people. I was staying in Kocaeli, a (should be) small and boring city, but my heart left there. People were very nice and many sweet memories happened. I will tell you later the detailed story. It was an unforgettable time in AIESEC Summer Exchange Program. There were 12 exchange participants from different side of the planets and 8 organizing committees from AIESEC Kocaeli, Turkey. From new friends, now they became my second family. Hey these are a sneak peak picts about the journey:
Waiting at Doha Intl' Airport to fly for Istanbul! With Indonesian friends, Afi and Kak Dhanty (they're having project in Ankara)
 Drawing together with the students at the camp for Leukimia infected children
 Situation of meeting every night before the camp started.
 My host family for a week before the project started
Very nice beach somewhere in Izmir (forgot the name of the beach)
Anitkabir Museum in Ankara (memorial of Ataturk)
 Anna and Muge (from Hungary and from Turkey) they're eating Indomie Rendang!! They said it was too spicy :D haha!
In Ephesus, Izmir.
 Best friends! (Left to right: Muge, Anna, Cemre)
 Best brothers! Last days in Istanbul with Utku and Atakan.
 Roll call dance in the camp :D
 The exchange participants and some of the students :D
Our first trip, Bursa! We're complete minus Radka from Slovakia. (At the back, left to right: Isabella from Brazil, Talal from Iran, Ahmed from Pakistan, Elena from Ukraine. Second line: Adem from Turkey, Cecilia from Taiwan, Tiana from China, Elena from Ukraine, Danilo from Colombia. Third line: Viola from Kazakhstan, Anna from Hungary, Me! and Kathery from Mexico)

2. I had such a quality time in my hometown with my big family, though some of them just stay in Jakarta due to some personal reason. This Eid Mubarak wasn't so special, I just eat and eat :P I gain a lot of weight because of Turkey trip then I ate again on Eid Mubarak. Can you imagine how do I look now? Pfft.

3. I had an insight from my alumni. Me and my friends arranged a talkshow about alumni of Faculty of Law UI who had a lot of achievement and has a lot of inspiring stories. She said four points:
- Don't ever underestimate a person. You'll never know what he/she might be.
- Don't be sad or jealous or pissed of someone's success.
- Don't be arrogant.
- Cherish time because it can never be rewind.

4. Just did a photoshoot for Semunas XX ALSA Indonesia Open Recruitment. Here's some result! They are Hilda and Astrie as treasurer, Putri and Diandra as publication, Tere and Bajay as documentation. Anyway what do you think about the logo? I made that :3

5. I realize that we're too young to say 'forever'. I mean sometimes we can just plan anything, but then not everything can be as smooth as it sounds. Do you know what I'm telling? Well I will elaborate this post in another post.

Been thinking about so many things in my mind. They said it's a mid-age crisis, no? Hmm not sure. I won't dance a jig over it too much. Well let's just follow the path for right now. Sorry for giving you such a quick update without elaboration. Oh anyway I haven't got any amorous life lately, mind to give me one? (Sounds terribly pathetic). Well just kidding, I'm getting used to it. Bye universe!!



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