It's Not About Who's Smarter

It's not about who's smarter, it's about who gave the most effort.

This post dedicated to my scores at the fourth semester of my college.

I just got all scores published. The scores published gradually. I mean they were published one by one, not simultaneously out together. My first five scores are perfect (simply fits to my target). I was happy at that time and feel really peaceful because the last four subjects that haven't been published are not the subjects I was scared of. Two of the subjects are subjects that being taught by the lecturer on the last day of the week (on Friday).

At the time when one of the four subjects finally published, I was so shocked.  How can I get B- when it was actually an easy-peasy subject (well at least this was what many seniors said about the subject). And when I asked my friends, most of them got around that too. I was expecting too high on that subject. And when one more subject published, I was even MORE SHOCK! It's so far away from what I've targeted before. I felt so dumb. I didn't take this subject seriously because I was underrated this subject. I did study, but not as hard as the other subject.

The next subject finally published too. Thank God it fits my target. And now I'm still waiting for the last subject to be published. Hope it also fits my target.

These two subjects that didn't fit my target were subjects on my last day of the week. They may say "Thank God it's Friday" but I can't be that excited as that tagline sounds like (on the class). So I can say that I'm demotivated on a week of class. I'm excited on Monday, getting really excited on Tuesday, pretty bored on Wednesday, got terribly excited but exhausted on Thursday and lazy on Friday.

Yes. I'm a bit underestimating those subjects. Yea you know regret always come late. But at least now I know my failure and the most important thing LEARN A MESSAGE BEHIND IT.

God wants me to be more eager to be consistent and give the best effort of me in every subjects, even aspects of life. Though again I can't fulfill my GPA target.

I won't spill another grumble, I just want to be a better me, give the best of me and sharing this so that (hopefully) you can learn from my story dearest reader :)



Vivid Virginia said…
Yeah! we need to be a better everyday :D

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