Joining Organization

Well I actually don't know what to write. I want to sleep. Oh wait but I want to write something. Okay let's start writing something.
Oh finally I post something. Hey you haven't tell what you want to tell. Stupid. Things have been really tough lately. Too many things to tell actually. *hayah*
Hey reader I'm trying to write something here. *come on stop trashing around nadski!*
Okay ergh-hem *sounds weird for clearing throat effect*. Okay, first up, things are getting tough here in third semester. So many things to do, so little time I have. I'm having fun working in BEM magazine though. Making an article, combining article to be coherent, to be a good combination, to be accordance with the theme, making a layout, searching for sponsors, etc etc etc ETCCCCCCCCCC. Gosh I'm thrilled.
Besides, I also join some events committee, in ALSA, LK2 and BEM. The thing is, it all encourages me to manage my time more effectively.
One day someone come along and ask me: "Nad, apasih pentingnya ikut kepanitiaan"
Well I found that joining many activities in campus is both challenging and fun. You'd be able to "upgrade" your soft skill. You'd also able to know many different personalities of people, also people will know your quality, your integrity more. That is what you called networking. Networking is a really great thing to do. From having many friends, many acquaintance, you'll find it easy to solve one problem to another problem. Then why I prefer chose the word 'challenging' than 'stressing' because the deadlines, the hard times will be paid off at the end of the time people said your work is good and yeah you got many new friends! 
Some people seek an excuse of not joining organization because they don't want to bother their gpa score. I think it's half true half not. A person should join at least one organization. Somehow it helps to mantain a good score. From organization you'll meet different person from different class, even seniors. They might help you a lot! You can lend on their old books, sharing what's on your mind, got a wider insight from them, photocopy exercise papers from different lecturer, etc etc etc. Moreover, when we're graduated it would be great if you can work on you senior's office. (hey your might be smarter than your seniors, yet they experience right before you. don't let your senior experince blew away, ask as much as you can!).
So what are you waiting for? You need to join at least one organization. Sure that it's a full guarantee that your soft skill will be upgraded and you'll survive more in campus. Pretty long post. Sorry for blabbing around, and forgive my bad grammar please. I just missed writing lately.

These photos are taken when BEM FHUI 2011 was having a team building, amazing race on UI!



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