Dutch Course

So, it's almost a month of the free-days. It's also almost a month of the short semester. It's also almost a month of me having Dutch course un Erasmus Taalcentrum, beside the Netherland Embassy (Erasmus Huis). I thought it would be a creepy and lame class, since the class consists of people that older than me. They went to office. They always use business attire. Their jokes are different. They were so...... rigid. Plus, the teacher is a pretty old man and hij is vervelend! Boring!

But then, time goes by and the class getting more fun. I'm trying to fuse on these "aunties". And yeah! It works! Time goes by everyone is "humiliating" one another (just like students usually did on jhs or shs, in order to make laugh). Apparently the teacher isn't only Pak Jan (read: Yan) but also Mrs. Ella. Pak Jan teach the class on Thursday and Ella on Monday. I oftenly called Mrs. Ella just by her name because she told us to. I like Ella better than Pak Jan. She often use the tape to sing along a Dutch song. Yet Pak Jan gave us more vocabulary than Ella.

The class is going to compete on
zingen en poster concurrentie. I wanted to join the singing competition yet I already have an appoinment on the date of the competition. So I decided to join the poster competition. I will be the representative of the poster competition from my class.

The theme of the poster is "What do you think when you heard about Netherland?"
Frankly when I heard "Netherland" my mind goes straight directly to windmill, tulips, cheese and bicycle. What about you? Here's the poster I made with Photoshop cs5. I wish I could be accustomed by Corel, I think it would be cooler *sigh*

One of the rule says that I have to put some words on each poster, on Dutch absolutely. So you must known where I went to rite? Yeaaa all hail google translate! I will ask for Pak Jan or Ella to check and correct it =D

S0, o, o... Lemme ask you, what do you think about the poster? I would be very very glad if you want to put your comment on the comment box below :"D

Anyway yesterday was the announcement day of state university selection test. Too bad my lovely cousin haven't got a chance to be accepted (I don't want to say she didn't accepted. I happened to say "haven't got a chance" because I'm sure she's going to be accepted on SIMAK *amen*). For you who exprienced the same as my cousin, don't stop chasing your dreams, don't be despair, keep praying, keep your faith. God always has better plans than yours :-)

Oh yea btw today I went to Senen, and got some cool skirts and dresses. Curious enough? Keep reading my blog :-D

Guten nacht!
Nadski. ♥


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