De Ranch, Lembang

Hey guys, did you ever go to De Ranch? It's located at Lembang, Bandung. I went there last week and it went really fun! Here the story goes....
It's on the front of the De Ranch. Look at the sky! Isn't it lovely? So if you want to get such cloud like this, I suggest you to come around 11-12 am. Though your skin would get darker :-p
When we got in there and here are the game they provided here. Each game have their own price. First game goes to Archery/Panahan, it costs 15.000 rupiah :DWhen you play this game, you have to wore a proper suit to do Archery! Isn't it cuuute? Hihi ^^If you could 'memanah' direct to the yellow area, you'll get a cute doll with archery costume! My sister's boyfriend got it. How could he did that... I even hardly reach the red area -_-Look at the horses! They're imported from Australia. The officer there said that horses from Australia are different from Indonesian. They're bigger and stronger and have a softer fur.The second game, we play ATV. It's also fun too! :DTiga dara: yona, me and kak anisa. We will be separated since Yona accepted in Law Unpad... :"(We also did horseback riding. Pretty much bring me back to the old times, when I was kid. I always wanted to ride a horse by myself, yet I don't have guts to do so :-pWith the cowboy suit! Left to right: kak adnan, kak anisa, me, tia and yona.It was the weirdest pose of a horse I ever seen! It stay like that almost for a day! Haha LOL!The place is also very good to take photos. The weather is soo nice, windy and lil' bit cold. But yea the sun shines brightly, so that my skin got darker after that euwh... Hmm I suggest you to bring sunglasses!
So guys don't hesitate to come here! De Ranch at Lembang :D



Callista said…
haduh saya mau ke De Ranch jadinyaaaa
yuk ayuuuk ke de ranch callis, tidak menyesal :D

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