The Last Song

So guys, I've just watched a film titled "The Last Song" then it succesfully drop my tears down, like oh heavily!!! Well it sounds sort of exaggerated, but yea I admit that I always easily drop my tears when I watched touchy film like this. Well to make it fast, I would just tell you the story and lil' bit review about the film and the act and the actor and actrees.
So, the film starring Miley Cirus and Liam Hemsworth. I think Miley has a beautiful face but can change in to a creepy one on the other time. Her voice also annoys me sometimes. But yea her act is really good indeed. I was also drop my tears down when she drop her tears on the movie. It's like she's exploring and appreciating her role so much. She's being Veronica 'Ronnie' Miller in this movie. She's a rebel girl, victim of the her parent's so called "irreconcilable problems". Yap their parents got divorced and she lived with her brother and mother. As the sumer begin, her mother decides it would be in everyone's best interest if Ronnie and Jonah (her brother) spent the summer in Tybee Island (where his father lived). He's living a quiet life in the beach town, immersed in creating a work of art that will become the centerpiece of a local church. Jonah was really excited to have a summer holiday with his daddy! They made an artwork together.
Ronnie is such a "cannot be touch" girl. She's and independent and rebellious girl. But then a man named William (Liam Hemsworth). Well actually I was disappointed with the main actor bcs he's not too handsome as the other romance film actor. But as the movie goes on, he looked literally HOT!! Forget his face. His body really switch my attention hahaha. Stop with Liam and keep on telling the story Nadia! Okay okay *punch face*

What I watched on the movie, is the fight between Ronnie and his father. And it's like Ronnie was so rude. When she was asked by his dad why she got home so late, she was just answer "Out". And when his father explained that she's now living in his house so she has to obey his rules, Ronnie shout "I was never wanted to be here dad! NEVER!". And then when his dad asked about the Julliard (a school that accept Ronnie), Ronnie answered not to take it and will never continue her school. And then her dad said "You can always hate me, torture me, but I just want you to keep play. You don't know how talented you are" (play in this case is playing piano). And then Ronnie said "YOU DON'T KNOW ABOUT ME".

What they did is just fight and fight. In the opposite, Jonah was really excited to be in his dad's house. They were making a work of art together all day long. Jonah really loves his dad and really wait for a time like this.

Day by day, Ronnie was always approached by Will, the aquarium workers that helped her protect turtles egg so that it wouldn't be eaten by raccoons. They started to love each other and finally decide to be a lover. Bitter sweet of love tasted. It made the love bond stronger.
When the turtles finally hatched, Ronnie, Jonah, his father and also Will watched them. They looked happy. But then father fall accidentally. They brought him to the hospital and apparently father got cancer :( It spread to his lung. Doctor and team really did their best effort but the time will come... sooner or later.
The hard day pass, until Ronnie found out that Will is a liar and a coward. All this time, Ronnie's dad always covered by a guilty feeling that he was the one who burn churches. Apparently it wasn't him. It was Will and friends who did it. But, Will didn't confessed it sooner. When Ronnie know this, she pushed Will away and asked Will not to touch her or even near to her and her dad again.

Mom come to pick Ronnie and Jonah. But Ronnie insist to stay, to accompany his father. Jonah really don't want to leave his father.

Then Jonah said: "Dad, will you say goodbye to me?"
Dad: "No no no, I won't say that"
Jonah: "Cause I really don't want you to say that. I'm afraid you say that."
Dad: "I won't go anywhere... Everytime sunshines come from the curch window, or any other window, that's me"

Finally Jonah followed her mother and Ronnie with his father really had a sweet day. Ronnie that usually have a fight with him, act really nice and sweet. Made a hot tea for her dad while dad is on the balcony, talking, laughing together and any other sweet daughter would do for his father. When Ronnie's dad is going to finish a song he made for her daughter, he just can't. His hand is hurt caused by the cancer. Ronnie shed a tears. She finally make it finish, while his dad sitting on the balcony.

When Ronnie finished, she saw his father's glass fall down from the table... His father just passed away :_______(

The funeral was really touchy. Ronnie played the piano. A song from his father that finished by her.
Will came to the funeral and they talked a little. When Ronnie packed things at her father's house alone, he saw Will on the beach and come to him. Will said sorry for his mistakes, and also Ronnie. They forgive each other cause everybody makes mistakes, even someone they loved. Will finally chose to transferring himself to Columbia, while Ronnie finally decided to continue to Julliard, so Ronnie able to see his boy do some few mistakes again. :")


Such a sad and happy ending. It took my mind up and down. Oh how could it be not touchy and teary, it is created by the author of "The Notebook" and "A Walk to Remember". It's recommended, girls :-D

What we can take from the movie is, appreciate what you have now. You don't know how precious someone is until he/she's gone. Be grateful, and don't "throw away" someone that really loves you, especially you parents.

Oh it's breakfast time!! I got to go. Adios!



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