Classical Piano Concert!

Heeey dear readers! I don't know why it's such a rare, I post something right after the situation I passed by. Oh maybe I just got the blogging spirit back?! Yeaay. This evening at 19.30 I watched my friend, Bagus Joko Puruitomo perform on classical piano concert.

How could I know he's having a concert? It started when once I was updating twitter status: "At Erasmus Huis" then he bbm me asked, "What are you doin at Erasmus Huis?" then I answered "I have a Dutch course here" then he replied "Really? I often have concert there" spontaneusly I replied "Ah I want to watch your concert! Tell me if you have concert then I will gladly buy the ticket to come!"

Not long after that, he told me that he will be one of the participant of "Young Artists II" YPM Concert, held in Goethe Institute. The tickets were sold out
already, but idk why he got a ticket for me! Yaaay. I thought I will be alone, apparently there is also Gadis and Nurul, my junior high school friends at Labschool Kebayoran. So yes it's a second yay! But the third yay came up when all of a sudden I realize a boy beside a girl next to Nurul (Cici-Nurul&Gadis's Junior on Labsky) is..... MY PRETEND BROTHER. Oh that sounds not good. Hmm how about BROTHER-BROTHER-AN? Hahaha so LOL! Yea labsky JHS has a brotherhood/sisterhood pretend bond, called "Adek-adekan". Something like that. He is... Jodhi Adhikaprana S. yea sorry brother I forgot your last name -_- but really it was such an unexpected moment! How could?!

Apparently he was Bajoked's junior on LAMURU (kinda percussion extras on Labsky). So, yea! Thanks for being the bridge Bajoook! Hahaha the world is just so small! And then Bajok finally perform on the stage. He was the last person who performed. He brought "Frederick Chopin: Etude Op. 10 No. 12 - Allegro con fuoco" song. I don't know, he was like playing the piano tuts without thinking, but it sounds... Wonderful! The performers are so young and hell yeah really really gifted. I wish I didn't quit my piano course on YMJ (Yayasan Musik Jakarta) at Bona Indah , Karang Tengah. I was stressed out by the unlimited practice, by the pressure of playing a song, the urge to learn a new song. Such a stupid decision to quit classical piano course. I still can play, but it's the simple one. Like playing the keys, and it's really hard to read the notes :-( I wish I could have a course again. But I know it will be hard -___- I think it would be easier for me to learn Keyboard so that I play pop song, rather than classical piano.

For anybody who's now struggling learning classical piano, PLEASE. DO. NOT. QUIT, DO. NOT. STOP. Or, you'll end up regret like me!! Really. I envy Bajok, Ninda, Vierna, all my friends that could play piano well.

After that, at 22:30, Gadis, Nurul, Jodhi, Cici, Me and yea Bajok, went to Epicentrum Walk to have a late dinner. Too bad, the restaurant there closed already and didn't accept order. After that Cici and I planned to go to Setiabudi One Building but then realize that HEY! There's Pasar Festival, why don't we go there? Okay we went to Tekko resto. It's a nice restaurant. We ordered Iga Soup and Fried Mushroom! Both of them are so yummy, so yes it's recommended guys! About the price? Hmm up average :-D

Whew it's 0:51 already. Let's have a proper sleep then. Another to do list needs to be crosschecked tomorrow! Wait, tomorrow? No I mean today, haha. Adios readers!



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