Iron Heart

It's a term of freedom
Found yourself again
With all the pure cheerfulness
No more hiding
No more faking

When all you feel is an improvement
When you proudly say to the world that you able to get out, from the cliff
The cliff of feeling vulnerable
The cliff of feeling uncertain about yourself
The cliff of feeling really suicide
The cliff of feeling insecure

It's not anymore.

You just succeed the self healing
You are now renovated
But just not livable yet
Not ready being occupied
Not ready being committed

Just wannabe free...
Spread the wings...

Time will answer soon...
Time will uncover soon...


kiara leswara said…
hi there kak nadia:) maaaaf bgt baru nge-follow blognya skrg. soalnya aku baru aktif blogging lagii hehehe<3 follow back yahh!
kiara leswara said…
oiyaa aku udah link kak nadia yah:)

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