College life

Hey readers! I'm on the computer lab at my campus. So sorry I haven't got time to continue the short story. Well to be honest, I haven't got the idea yet. So I decide to make you all suspicious then :-P he he.
College life teaches me many things. Though I've just lived in for 6 months. It's completely, literally, wholeheartedly (?) different from the high school life. Moreover I spent my high school life at the boarding school, where I spent most of the time with my friends. I assume them as my family, where I lean on, where I'm comfort with, where I whine all day long. But, in college life, you'll find yourself ALONE. It's not ALONE in the real meaning: condition of solitude, lack of contact with people, etc. But, you have to consider yourself as a person, doesn't depend on someone. You're also prosecuted to be mature, not to be childish anymore. People who love to whine, will be neglected. So sometimes people looked more individualistic and selfish. Each of them have their own perspectives, principals, and ambition. Also, let me tell you the the horrible thing: political purpose. People with intrigues here and there. Mostly when the election held.
Besides, as what I've heard from the news, there are people who spread some streams that they called "misguided". People who aren't wary about it, can be easily influenced. So my mom wary me not to be alone and not to be spend too much time at the Mosque. Is that sounds pathetic? Because usually the spreading started from the quiet place like Mosque.
Well actually there are much more I wanted to share, but time is running out, I shud to go to the IBD class, it's so boring -_-
Bye readers!



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