Today’s such a productive and fun day. I woke up at 6am, pray (yea I know this is literally late for Subuh pray, but better late than never :-p) and then I did some of housewifes duty like swab and sweep the floor, washing some plates & glasses etc. And then I went to vocal course at Cipinang. Today I drove my car by myself. I was having To Love You More by Celine Dion song to practice. And then I went to Cilandak, to brother Harzy’s house to ALSA (Asian Law Student Association) meeting. Oh yeah I forgot to tell ya, on Thursday I was accepted on Alumni Relation division in ALSA. Hooray :-D the manager is sister Vania Astrella and the vice manager is sister Dwita Ayu Hapsari. So glad to be their staff. After that my friends and I decided to go to Kemang, having an early dinner at Dimsum Festival (Kemang) with Hilda, Cyntia, Anne, Anissa, Nindya and Icha. We have some talks, buoyant talk, not such heavy talk. Yea gossiping (that’s kinda friendship’s catalyst I guess :-P)
Ah okay it’s such an important writing I know. So sorry readers, but this is my blog so that I type what I want to type hehe. I just want to write something. But umm what would that be?
What about.....
Wish lists???
1. DSLR Camera. No matter Nikon or Canon, but Canon preferred hehehe. The old one, that owned by dad was damaged. The gallery couldn’t be opened so that I can’t see the result of my capture. Therefore, it makes me choose to set the camera Auto. That’s literally not good and will limit my exploration about DSLR camera. I really crave this camera. I want to be a freelance photographer & photo editor ;;-)
2. An itouch. My nano iPod was sooo damped. rahasia
3. Watch! My fossil watch need a companion. He’s alone, need a girl companion, I mean the girly and playful one. Type of Swatch brand, the colorful pattern or maybe cartoon illustration.
4. Statement necklace........ I always wonder of having one of the unique necklaces that I saw on the magazines/blog/online shop. Not the conventional one. But when I shopped, in a purpose to shop, I barely even found them. And about online shop, I’m to lazy to manage the transaction. Hmpphh...
5. Shoes. I always fancy of shoes.
6. Book. I always love to read. My personal favorite local writer is Dewi Lestari. I started to love her writing since I read her novel titled “Perahu Kertas”, and then I read “Recto Verso”. I’m looking for law-themed novel, but I don’t know even one title of it. Honestly, I’m such a lousy law student. I might have a good score for my GPA, but I don’t have enough insight of what law is, how the law condition in Indonesia is, but I’m interested to have more review about law. It would be nice if someone give me interesting law book. But, errmm is there any law book that is not boring? I hope so.
7. CD. Any genre would be lovely!!

It's actually still many more, (since there's no limit for human's desire). But those seven are things that popped up in my mind in a sudden. Lastly, pardon if there're some gramatical errors. I'm practicing hehe. Bye!



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