Brokenheart Valley

Eventhough we're not together anymore,
Eventhough now I'm not the one you're looking for when you have a problem,
I still want to accept you as my friend

You're part of my best memories
You ever colored my days
You fulfilled so many flowers around my life

Yet, it doesn't last forever
It's just a temporary beautiful dream
'Till we finally arrived at the gate

When we have to make a decision
When the ego can't be denied
When we're not in the same time, same place
When the hurted feeling can't be explained
When we felt that we can't walk together anymore
When each of us didn't want to make it even more complicated

And finally,
You were my man
And I was your girl

Thankyou for everything
You thaught me so much about the meaning of love
And feel so sorry to make you disappointed

We're just so different
We walk separately
I love you my ex.

I hope this is the best way for us :')

For my dear, 15 months to earn, to learn and to remembered.


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