Yeay Playin' on Play Ground :D

Hey guys? How are ya doin'? Nice? What? You askin about me? I'm doing really-really great...
As you know from my post before, my mom designed some clothes for me and my sister and my father, and herself. And right now, she did it, but now she ask me to help. Yeay!
This is my sist's photograph, on our new apartment Play Ground

Looked so fun right? I'll post another picts of my sister and my mum's clothes and my dad's too of course. Love you all readers!



nitya said…
Cute Skirt!

btw I'm new in fashion blogging and need some advices, would you like to give me some? THanks!

Strawberry Giggles
nadia sekarsari said…
heyyaa Nitya thanks alooot..
let's check out your blog. btw it's a tunic dear ;D

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