Strange Feeling

I've been posting photos lately. now I want to write something about my feeling in this cold lonely situation. I feel so happy today. As usual, the time flies like an arrow. Today I went to Kota Tua (gonna show you some photos later) it is a nice place!! You outta be there surely. Then I had lunch at Beach Food, Ancol. Next destination >> Sea World. Wooohooo awesomely cool aquariums. Last time I went there was first grade Junior High School at Labschool Kebayoran. It's totally different now. The lighting, the architecture, the painting on the wall, ahh I'm proud of this Biggest Aquarium on South East Asia :)
And then I went back to my apartment, watched Brothers movie (gonna review it later) and then dinner @ Plangi rooftop (totally recommended! gonna review it too).
But then, I feel really really lonely. Why? Because I have to separate with someone, not break up. Yeah you'd know it.
Have you ever feel this condition? Urggh maybe it's just me. I don't know why sometimes I feel really weak. If I was a thing, then I must be labelled "Fragile". But hey, I'm 17 years old girl! It's still normal right?

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inge luciana said…
It's normal for teenagers like us. ^^
You don't need to worry about anything..
seems that you spend a great time there.. =)

Hey I just found ur blog :D
Aha, I hv felt a feeling like that too.. a bot uncomfortable but it teaches u how to be stronger =)

joninel said…
first time arrived on ur blog.
love your header :)

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