Movie Review

Two movies on a day. Well it's not a plan at first. It came out on a sudden. My dad drove mom and me to blitzmegaplex. First movie was Date Night.

it was so amusing. The movie tells about Phil Foster (Steve Carell) and Carie Foster (Tina Fey), a boring couple that tried to have a not so usual date night in a city. Unfortunately, on a super cool restaurant, they didn't get a table (because they need to reserve it a month before!). But, Phil insist on having a table there. When one of the waitress calling a name (Tripplehorn), they admitted as "Tripplehorn". The problem came out after that. Tripplehorn is a bad man. They were actually did a criminal, and The Fosters have to deal with it.
It is a drama-action-comedy perfect combination. Very entertaining. Fully reccommended dear friends.

the second movie is Iron Man. I wud lyk to share ya sort of story. But I'm kinda sleepy. Gotta continue it tomorrow fellas. Bye :)



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