Special Gift from God.

Do you ever have such a great quality time with your family? Friends? Yes of course you have it. I always love every moments I spend with my cousins. It's me, Yona and Nisa.
Asky Fitra Yona, a.k.a. Yona.
She's second grader in Dian Didaktika senior high school. She's a social student. She's creative and fatty baby. But she loose some weight lately haha good girl. She really loves to eat. She has a great taste of cuisines. She has a great taste of fashion too... But she's a little bit spoiled. Since she's the only one child.

The right-most is Nisa my older sister.

I oftenly told you about her. She's now a colleger at UGM Jogja. She took the economy. Aaahh I love her so much, eventhough sometime she can ruin my day, she's the one who know me inside and outside. We have the same taste. But she's not too good on keeping something.

Aaah, look at this! This was Yona's birthday, and the woman behind us is Aunt Iin. She's Yona's mother.
I think it's not Yona's birthday but it's our birthday (since three of us blow on the candle) hahaha... Poor Yona ;3

It is us! Nisa, Me and Yona, on Yona's birthday. Aren't we looked so cute??

If we're together, everything will be crazy. We love to take photos, watching dvds, cooking, pajamas party, dancing in the middle of the night, begadang, aah I miss our moments.
Nisa is the most "jail" of us. Yona is an expert of being "kompor" and of course I'm the nicest hahaha.

It was on lebaran day.

Too bad, we can't be together till now. Eventhough we're separated, our heart will always be one...
I love youuuu all!




Claza said…
Wow aku juga punya tuh oshkosh yang pink hahaha
nadia sekarsari said…
lovely brand for kiddo :D

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