Second reunion of DK

On Monday 14th September '09 I was invited to breaking fast/open fast (buka puasa?) event of my elementary school friend (SD Dharma Karya UT), but hmm we may call it as the second reunion maybe? haha. you may see this post for the first reunion...
It was really fun, I met the other friends that unfortunately cudn't join the reunion on Kemang. It was held on my friend's house in Pamulang estate (not really far from my house). I arrived there by motorcycle (Fyi, Adila--a girl with the veil--drove the motorcycle).
Well guys, pictures tell everything...

this is me with Esy (the house owner)

the crazy mates (Jasmine, Me, Icha, Arin)

the girls with Jakii

Me, Mayang (best bud!)

(Faneysa, Me, Arin, Adila)

(Jasmine, Me, Fany, Erina)

Heeeeeeeeey giiiirlllsssss <3<3<3

last but not least...
all of the attendants :D


Most of them are third grader but some of us were colleger already...

SLR Cam by: Esy
Photographed by: Randomly!



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