If Your School get Mocked?

What will you do if you're school get mocked by other student from another region???
I'm on that position right now. Well the beginning is when my friend that have another friend in Jakarta. Let's just say my friend's name is Popon and the friend of my friend's name is Lano.

Popon have a lil' chat via facebook--wall to wall--and then they turn into an intens chat about the exam week. When Popon said that my chemistry's test was very hard, then he said:
"Sekolah gue juga PG dan Essay dengan bahasa inggris semua. tapi selama kelas tiga gue her bisa dihitung pake jari kok. tn bukannya isinya cuman uang ya? Dimana-mana semua orang juga tau kalo sekolah terbaik ya SMA 8 Jakarta, atau nggak SMA 81 Jakarta atau SMA 78 deh, standar internasional"

Kurang lebih gitu lah. Well, it's part of your right to have an opinion about a school. But it's just out of the ethics to mock another school, and oh helly stupid, he did it in FACEBOOK! the largest friend-site around the world. How could I'm not turn into a furious maan?

Beside that, he got a big trouble. And he face to a really really wrong institution. My school, is the most solid almamater I ever know. The alumnus, have a community called IKASTARA (Ikatan Alumni SMA Taruna Nusantara) and they're really solid. Still help each other though they aren't ever met at school... Fiuhh...

Stupid man!



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