Everybody's changing

Yes oh yeeeeeeeeeeeeees, finally I met my dearest old elementary school friend!!!!! Last met is the graduation moment, so please dear childhood friends, forgive me for the unconsciousness of ya'll excistance :D
So there are so many things changing. They're getting taller, even more beautiful, more handsome, and I did many changes too. They were so "PANGLING" to see the "loose-weight" of moi. But that's good fr me now, even the old pages told me I ever called "balon lemak!" ohh God pleaaase haha, but now, I'm different, yeah changing. If it's good, why don't ya try to change?!
So there are some pictures:

the best class, 6-2 year 2004
(kariz, me, rayan, renee, gayatri, muthia, mayang, tantya,
faney, jasmine, aya, aden,
duwi, esy)

my bud,
me and karizki hadyanafi~
also my enemy :D
gitu2, ketua osis loh dia di 28

I hold the so old black-n'-white year book :D
(faney, rayan -the boy behind, jasmine, me, kariz, gayatri, muthia)

The girlllsss~

It looks really2 fun right? Have you met your old friends, that suddenly become your new friends?

much love,


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