Just newly recognized that I still have a deviantart account nyehehhe forgive me. So I decided to upload some photos from the China gallery (the 7 days holiday). Let me share ya the amateur photographer's captures: +the editing

Under my umbrella ella ella_by_Chistroberry
(actually it has a thick border. it was on a place uhh unfortunately forgot the name!)

Just read it_by_Chistroberry
(models: Nisa and Yona, my older and my cousin, reading the disneyland map)
Go get food_by_Chistroberry
(the pond on Window of the World)

Mini tajmahal_by_Chistroberry

(Window of The World)
(in Yuntai Garden China, it was rainy actually)

What do you think guyyss?
Leave ur comment please, and don't shy to come to my account These picts (on the post) are editing version. The rest were uploaded by my sister..

muchies loove,


Barb. said…
I like the photos!
My favorite is "go get food"
Your blog is very nice!! :-)

Claza said…
i like them so much :) gue pengen punya deviantart tapi takut ga bisa ngurusnya malah males hehehe, salam kenal yao
nadia sekarsari said…
@barb.: weeew i like that too, thanks back for the compliment, yours too :)
@claza: bikin aja, gue juga ngurusnya jarang2 kok...

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