Thailand Trip

Hey guys, have you ever been in a very2 happy situation. For me, it happened on family vacation. I really enjoyed golden moment with them. And I really miss the last holiday in Thailaaaand :D
Let me share you some photos there:

Bang Pa In Palace (one of the most famous place there)

in Crocodile Farm and Zoo Samutprakan Thailand
can you see me and my sist? (the white and the yellow shirt)

And this is the pict in seven Eleven. So many seven eleven there, just like so many circle K in Jogjakarta ;)
I miss that moment and going to repeat it again on Hk, yeaaay really can't wait!


Reddish said…
iri bgt deh nad bisa liburan ke luar negeri terus, sekeluarga lagi. gue kapan
nadia sekarsari said…
ya ampun fi, ini juga jarang2 deeh hehehe. ajak jalan2 danang jg asik deh fi :)
Reddish said…
jarang2 gmn, tiap tahun gitu, eh kapan deh lo k jkrt?

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