Leddum Tralala

What happen with my blog title?
This afternoon I opened my facebook and found 40 friend requests. They are my friends, my collegas and as usual STRANGERS..
But then, I found a name: Leddum Tralala, 68 mutual friends, pretty much. I decided to open the link and found that it is my cousin! I never know that I have a cousin named
Leddum Tralala and then I confirmed it. Ohh, it is her (my sister, daughter of my 'bude') online store! Well I'm proud of you sist!
She's now in Padjadjaran University, I dont know which faculty she is. Here's the pict:

There were clothes, bags and necklaces. But I lyk the necklace most.
They are soooo cuteee riiiittteeeee??
I asked her to teach me, sure it will be fun, yeaaay :)
They were cute right? If you're interested, click it:
Leddum Tralala

enjoy it, Nads.


nadia sekarsari said…
yeaaaa ledduum tralalaaaa :D
Nisa Puspasari said…
dek... siapa deh nama sodaranya?
aaahh sayang. baik sekali kmu.
terharuu. makasi sayang. hehe
ayyo kita belajar buat kalung. yeeaah! ;p

nisaa, aku adiknya mba silvy. huahaha
Nisa Puspasari said…
REALLY???? oh my god aku baru tauuu mihihihi. aku kmrn ketemu mba silvyyy hehe
nadia sekarsari said…
iyaaa mba lennyyy... can't waitt hehe. ntar aku jualin di temen2 aku deh hohoho..
nadia sekarsari said…
akhirnya berhasil bikin kalung :D

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