From Dream into Real

Yeah, finally I'm in a holiday. I've already spent four days out of 21 days here, in my real hometown: Jakarta. After a long time, caved in a jail named school. Booyah, I'm lovin it dude.
I met my highschool friends. They're all changing, well not literally changing. Dini still with her long hair, while Afi let her hair get even longer and longer. Mayang let her hair loooonggg and wavy. And conclusion? I looked damn bald, haha well I'm not bald actually, but BOB so 80's ya'll know. We spent a perfect day in Inul Vizta karaoke and eating steak, I choosed tenderloin pepper steak. hmmm nyummi. So I'll share you the pict later. Now, I'm on my cousin's house. And freakin interest to taste sour sally, kinda iced yoghurt. nyumm.



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