Five Reasons of The Survival

I ever thought about myself once, then all blurt into a confusion. Why? It's just like, "OH HELL HELP ME OUTTA FROM THIS JAIL!"
I decided to get in to a famous boarding school,
Taruna Nusantara Senior High School that located in a small city called Magelang, Central Java. With soo many tight rules, with soo different situations (FYI I have to wash clothes myself, ironing them, fold them and put them into the cupboard myself).
I can't go out in the night (even on weekend), and I can't go anywhere except I want to make a permission letter that have to be signatured by the headmaster.
so the big question is

Because there are some reasons of the survival:

The name of my room is BANGSAT *waitt!!* it stands for BANGsal (the other word of "room" in Indonesia) empAT ("four" in Indonesia)
They come from many different regions. Intan comes from Cirebon, Silvania comes from Solo, Putri comes from Jayapura *wew far2 away*, Linda comes from Banda Aceh, Awid comes from Banjarmasin and Indriana comes from Surabaya.
They teach me so many lessons, about how to respect each other, about how to face the hurting reality, they now me inside and outside, they know how sweet and how brutal I can be, and they always know how to make me LOL!! :D
Ahh I love them, but we can't always be together in one room. The conselling teacher will randomize the roomates for the next class.. I'll miss ya'll!!

They are sooo amazing. 30 best choosen students from different regions of Indonesia blended into one!!
All of them are smart, we're competing, we share so much experiences together. We named our class "Flying Dutchman" (Five Eleven Science, Dutchyat
*dasyat* Maan!)
We used to be like a flying dutchman *as you can see on the second pict* it was on the sport event. I made those with Angie, my crazy partner in crime.
Ahhh FD, thanks for the one year.. :)

monic, hanny and me :)

There are so many activities in my school. From the top: cooking competition, kartinian event, kartinian event, kartinian event, extraculiculler, sport event with girls classmate, sport event when I want to join the marathon, sport event with my best buddies..

my group. wayan - junior, brother e.t - moved to technological institute bandung, me - the next third grader, sister deanita - moved to gajah mada university, thania - junior, kamal - junior, arif and dayat - my mate.

I am joining an organization called PKS (Patroli Keamanan Sekolah). The purpose is to make the rules exist and obeyed. I have to do daily secure and sometimes on big events. It consists of 24 people (16 boys and 8 girls) divide into 8 group. They turn out into family :)

The first picture is when we celebrate Monic's birthday. The rest is when we Hany dumped on her birthday. They really complete my day, big huuuggsss and love to you guys!!

The five reasons really make my day. They make me survive... They can change my bad day into a very good day and vice versa hehe..
Finally, I reach the highest grade, the third grade. I have to survive, yes I have to survive. I'm not regret to be here.. I feel so lucky to be here. Fun, fear, love, sad, proud, happy, are spent together with my dearest friends. Big thanks for you guys..



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